Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico-Ponce Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


This university is known in Puerto Rico for his high standars of education and christian values. Its also known for the best law and architectural schools in Puerto Rico. Nowadays we have a new biotechnology agricultural school.


Christian values, Education, Sports, Arts, Music, Law School, Pharmacy College combined with NOVA program, Medicine school, and it recognizes properly all those students that have done an amazing effort during the year (s).


Binary programs, Law School and Architecture.


For celebrating and promoting the life and dignity of the human person, according to the Gospel values, and also for educating in the disciplines of current scientific knowledge to build a better world locally and globally.


for being a catholic school


My school is best known for sports, green areas, creativity, business, and for its great education.


In my opinion the best university is the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico for their performance, facilities and opportunities.


For its religious views.


The new arquitecture school im attending


PUCPR Pioneros The best university, the best in sports like athletic, basketball, baseball, volleyball, swimming etc. We are the best in science, criminal justice, Law, Medicine etc. We are the best in the religion and also we prepare students that dont have any plans and we help him to find one and get a barchellor and get a job. we help students to pay the university by find them job and doin some test if they cualify to be a great athletic and a great player of baseball, basketball, volleybal, softball or maybe a great teacher that help


The Pontifical Catholic University is best known for giving students an education of excellence, instilling ethical and moral values. It offers a wide variety of careers in the field of science, management, arts, law, etc. Furthermore, it is known as one of the best universities athletes. It has excellent athletes in most sports.


The science especially the mathematic and general science the investigation of diverse areas I love that. To search answers, see or analyze theories of all fields of science is amazing. I always thought study science regardless of it engineering, mathematical, physical, or something like that is why I decided to enter the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico and study general science.


La Cato, Catolica


My best school is the Carmen Belen Veiga School in Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico


The PUCPR-Ponce is best known for it's diversity in it's academic offerings,as well as that it has a lot of programs other institutions don't have.For example it is the only institution in PR to offer a professional certificate in transportation & marine logistics.It is also the only institution to offer a master's advance degree in painting & drawing that can be completed in 2 years.Also,the PUCPR-Ponce is one of the few universities recognize by the Catholic church.Overall it is one of the best in Puerto Rico.


I think it is best known for our Law School and Arquitecture School.


Since Architecture Department in the school is new, it have been adapted to globalization. This means that technology (computers and construction machines) is an essential part of the new world and the school provides the student the oportunity to use all these to his/hers advantage and for a better education.


The university offers student counseling programs. in it acacdemicos counselors who work each student advising department. The insttucion offers grants for various programs at the university according to the average student. student loans are also offered financial assistance for students who do not receive scholarship assistance. Students are not coughing elegbles for scholarships so that they offer pretamos and with it an advice on how to pay the loans when they finish their degree in college. University offers courses of great interest and different programs for all those who wish to participate.


My University is known for its high standards of a quality education. The Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, founded on the thought of the Church on the integral Education of the man and in agreement with the perennial mission of all university, has like fundamental aim the search common of the truth and the diffusion of the knowledge. It persecutes both objectives by means of the study of the different fields from the knowledge.


Is best known because of the accounting student that graduate from there. My majors are accounting and business law with a minor in management. They say that CPA's of PCUPR are really good at their professions.


the college is best known for its high education.


Pontific Catholic University is best known in preparing excellent professionals.


my best school for that course is now, the excellence of teachers has motivated me to pursue my goals.