Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico-Ponce Top Questions

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My college has the best programs tha any college can give in my country.


Although the university is Catholic, it is very accepting of those whom are from other religions and/or are of a sexual orientation unaccepted by their beliefs. There may be a few professors whom are fanatics of their religion and are maybe a bit extreme, but overall it's great.


the religion, is very religious university, and make good activities for students




My school is very unique because it have everything I need to graduate.


The Pontifical Catholic University have a variety of software programming languages that make me feel that i am learning a whole new world of programming, the more programming language classes I take the best i can get in the future.


My teachers are great, their priority is for students to learn, my colleagues are friendly and always willing to help, the university also provides the facilitades us so we can continue and succeed in school and life.


It's beautiful.




The Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico – Ponce, is one of the best colleges at the south area of Puerto Rico. It is not only the excellent education that the college provides, its more than that, it’s the empathy and the sense of belonging that the own college creates in their students. Also, creates the public spirit, which is concern and interest by the others members of the society. In addtion, is better than any college of PR. All of the faculty and workers makes students feel like part of the family of Pontificial Catholic University of Puerto Rico


It is a safe and reliable University where its personal staff is always available to help and orientate students. Its main purpose is to teach and reinforce Christian values, the love of culture, prepare not only professionally, but spiritual and personally its students while, also, creating good people to do service to the community and country. It provides an opportunity for students from other countries and cultures to study at our Puerto Rico with the same rights and quality. Also, the faculty is very well prepared to teach and make possible and easier for us to achieve our future goals.


The tranquility of the campus and the christian values that are teached there as well.


This university is very spiritual, breathes peace, friendship, commitment and enthusiasm for the education of students.


It is humanitarian and very proffesional.


My university has the best law school and nursing throughout Puerto Rico. Students are important. Students have the best services. teachers and staff are always willing to help students, we are important.


The religion catholic is too strong.


The unique about my school it is the combination of student life with a spiritual life. At my school is important not just develop a competent professional but a professional with levels of integrity and the knowledge about spirituality things. Every student has at their disposal to develop competitiveness and make the difference in every aspect with this two unique elements.


My school has a tremendous campus and technologycal equipment to help you build your professional preparation. We are up to date.


I love my university because, we are like a family. My classmates are very special. Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico is the right option to the success.


well, the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico is the only one I know of the other ones, I apply that give information to do interships in other universities around the word. For example they have and intership with Toledo, Spain.


My school is unique because the study environment is amazing and the people and professor there also great.


i dont know


That is an environment of peace and tranquility and motivates one to study.


Is a place that you make friends so easy.

Adieleen Marie

The unique thing about this school, is the way they treat you, they are not impersonal people. Also a unique thing is that they have a Law School, and no other school has one.


In my college the most important is the values, I think that it is very important in our live, because a person out values, althougt are a brigth person no is good, we need sometings that this university offer. the good values helps you to make good desicions in our lives.


What makes my college unique is that they care about every aspect of our life including academic and religious and it makes you a complete professional. When you graduate you can be sure that your are complete and your going to be a succesful person.


It offers a really interesting mix of courses in order to achieve my bachelor's degree. I have the option to declare majors and minors of my selection and the university offers a wide menu for me to select. It also offers a high quality education programs with great professors.


Firstly, the treatment of teachers to students is very good. There are various activities to improve student academic. Support both economic and educational.Offer good treatment when you need helps. The campus where the University has a relaxing atmosphere, very good to explore and enjoy with your friends. A place where you will always find good friends, both students and staff of the University work.


I truly find unique the program.Everybody can take their programs and the time they want to take the classes.Here we have to take religion classes and logic classes to graduate .Another things is that we have to take orientation classes once a week.It doesnt have a band,which i wish they had it,because they're are a lot of students that have the talent to play an instrument. Also we are unique because it is the only university in the south that gives architecture as a concentration.This are some of the reasons we are unique.


The program I'm enrolled in here allowed me to transfer previous college credits that other colleges wouldn't. Location was also a factor.