Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico-Ponce Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


that is excelent


That the “Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Puerto Rico” is a great university where students can developed their skills. This university provides the student a distinguished education and christians values. The faculty is highly qualified in their respectives concentrations.


I always brag about the good education I have received from my profesors.






The variety of curriculum programs they have. They have a lot of different programs that are very interesting and exiting.


The new School of Architecture of the Pontiical Catholic University of Puerto Rico have a "state of the art" design technology. They have great profesionals and teachers. Each student has their own cubicle with a computer computer with two monitors, those computers have the best architecture and design softwares, AutoCAD, Revit, Rhinoceros, Adobe Master Collections, 3d max, Autodesk Maya. We also have a library with great architecture books, a medialab with great color plotters and printers and a Fablab with a good woodworking area, and also a state of the art technology with 3d printers, laser cutters and CNC.


It is a place where you can know every kind of person, there is no racism, and we are all like a big family. The personel is very kind and greatful. You can have the oportunity to be part of the athletic team; there is basketball, volleyball, football, softball, and more. It is a great experience to be part of the Pontifical Catholic University. But most of all is a great university because you can develop values and participate of the activities, not only educational, but also religious.


I tell them that my school is the best of all. The university is very dedicate in its work with the others, it it responsable, and always are available.


When I talk about my school always emphasized the tremendous education they provide and the quality of this. Also spoke of the excellent teachers and all mechanisms are in college to make this a great one.


We have very good professors and services.


Well i study at the new school of Architect in ponce .


My university is the best in Puerto Rico.It has as excellent teachers that help students.Pontifical Catholic values instilled University and offers an excellent atmosphere of peace throughout campus.The employees are great people and make students feel at home. The library is very big,has collections of books, computers, Internet access,etc. For me, my school has excellent programs study, particularly the combined bachelor's and master's degree in criminology, which is what I would say I'm cursando.Yo would be a good choice.


The price of the school is very good in comparison to the high quality of the education I get here; the prices are also good for graduate programs. In addition, the school is accredited, so I know that I can move back to the United States after I finish (assuming I want to) without having to worry about the elegibility and validity of my degree.


How profesors are interested to work with their students to make classes more appeling in order to us(students) actually learn new things.


When i talk to my friends i brag about what a great university this is and how the courses help me develop as a person.


My school is a very nice place. It's a good place to study.


When im with my friends at school,one of the most thing I brag is about my goals.In my life,I do have a lot of them,and thanks to God some of them come true.Right now,I want to have great grades in the university and be a great student.In a few years,I would like to graduate and become a professional,which is being a great entrepeneur and have my own bussiness.Obviously that I would like to have a family and a great future.This is one of things i brag with my friends.