Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico-Ponce Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person who should attend this school is a responsable person and a open minded person. Since is a Catholic University I think also catholic students.


Anyone wanting to have a good future and be useful to the community regardless of color or race.


Responsible parties willing to learn and professional vision, willing to give their maximum by what they study.


All kind of person.


The kind of person that should attend to Pontifical University of Puerto Rico – Ponce, should be a person who has the courage and eager to learn. Particularly, a person who has the compromise of move on their community by providing their knowledge and skills to achieve success. Also, needs to be a person who wants a better future. Obviously, the university helps their students to strengthen the sense of empathy by creating conscience about the many problems that the society has developed. Finally, it has to be a person who wants the best of the best for the entire world.


At the university attended by different people of different ages and with different goals. Everyone has their own thinking but all seek to graduate from their different university.


Positives persons who what to make the difference in the community.


seriously persons, study person


Anyone with the interest of obtaining a high education and a great deal of staff should attend. If your interest is to develop as a professional, you should attend this university to educate you in the right way.


In this university attended by people of different characteristics, the bottom line for being here is to have the desire and ability to study to achieve a career. College is expensive, so in the most part, the students are from higher social classes. but not all are like that. There are many who decide to enter a sport to be able to afford the cost, others strive to receive economic aid or loans ultimately request. The university does not discriminate by race, sexual orientation, or physical or intellectual disabilities, however, is open to all.


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A person that can be attended on this school would be one that demostrate that wants to suceded. Someone that wants to fulfil their goals, an a responsable kind of person. One that is concentrated and mentaly capable to complete them. Someone that have great values and show them to others around. It can be a person that other see on him or she that they are good examples to the comunity or in places that are like public in society.


The kind of person that can attend this school is one who is wishing to gain a good education that goes beyond their field of study.Someone who wants to learn different things along the way.


a esta universidad debe asistir cualquier tipo de persona para obtener una buena educacion.


People who are really sure of what they want to be and what they want to study.


University complies all kinds of people. does not discriminate by gender, age, race, economic status or religion. to all those who have some kind of disability gives reasonable accommodation, even where there is an office offering services to people with disabilities


the kind of person that should attend this university, no is defined, because every people have the rights to study and get a career in the live. is important the equality in our world because every people are same


I believe the type of person who should attend this school is the type of person who wants to be a success in life in whatever profesion they choose. There are many different degrees available for anyone looking to make something out of their lives and be successful. They are many dedicated and passionate teachers willing and eager to teach new faces every year and I'm very sure that anyone who comes to this school to study will leave with the necessary knowledge to be a success in any career path that they consider in choosing.


The kind of person that should attend this school are the one's that like to get not only a college degree, but learn how to be a great person with moral and personal values and use them to help improving social and moral values to everyone outside of this college.


People that is responsible and dedicaded


Students who want to get good quality education.


Everyone who want to study and be a professional.