Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico-Ponce Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is the type of person who is pesimist.


I think that people that shouldn't attend this school are people who don't have a goal for life. Peolple who think life is a party. People who go on through life without a future.


I recommend to anyone who wants to learn and have a good college titiulo enter this university, I am very pleased


I think people should be in my university would be people who are highly qualified in education and physical training and mentally.Ya be well qualified for a job there to give her love and liking what you do.


The type of person that shouldn't attend this school is the one who doesn't have the compromise of studying every day, every hour. They require disciplined and hardworking students and expect the best from all.


I belive that everyone should be able to attend this school because we all have the right to study where we want. A person that has their studies as a mayor priority in he's life and believes in a better future is the one that deserves to be able to study in this school. The person that doesn't care about these and just is attending the school because of a joke shouldn't be in this school. It should be a focus and dedicated person if not they shouldn't study in this school.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school are those that are irresponsible and have no aspirations whatsoever. This school focuses on discipline and enhancing individual ambition. Professors often give a lot of work and expect students to be promt when handing in asigned material. Exams are extremely hard and require the need to study in advance in order to obtain an excelent grade. Therefore, students whom aren't taking their future seriously should consider attending another school. Not only will they waste their time and money but they take away someone elses apportunity of receiving excelent education.


well in this school there are no racism, no preferetion just that they want to help the person to get a bachellor and then can that person find a job and have a great family. In this school they are all type of person that they want to get sirously education and graduate to be someone in ther life so others person can watch a very change that person did. In the school there are some profesor that examinize the student in what sports their wnat to be so they can win a great scholarship.


I see all kind of person, shy, friendly...


To me, everyone deserves a chance at this university, just because of some low GPA does not mean you're not smart.


I think everyone is entitled to receive a educacion.For me, everyone is entitled to have a profession, to know that someone can be to society. The university has many criteria to consider in ella.For example: having a good average, have excellent conduct, etc.Viendo from the standpoint of the university, people with behavioral problems who have problems with alcohol and use and substance abuse, criminal behavior should not study at the Pontifical Catholic University. Although it has the same mindset that college is a time full of trials and the university wants the best for their students.

Adieleen Marie

Everyone should attend this school


The kind of person that should not apply to this school are: not responsible, not define their future, not focuse in their studies, prefer going out with their friends than stay at home study.


People who are not really interested in their studies and their future shouldn't attend the Pontifial Catholic University of Puerto Rico.


I think they should not reject anyone


Pontifical Catholic University is a high demanding school. I would suggest that students that have not learned to appreciate the knowledge that they have acquired or could have when in high school shouldn't try to attend. This University not only is high demanding but it also doesn' t just accept anyone to attend the University. You need to demonstrate that you have the capacity to be an outstanding student with you high school grades and GPA.


People who want to be profesional, receive a quality education and a evangelization. In this university, the profesors treat the students with respect and they mision are to provide an excelent education.


Any person should be allowed to start and complete their academic carrier and for this matter I personally think that any person wanting to study should study in this achool.