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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Mi vida en la escuela superior fue inolvidable ya que conoci mucha gente la cual hoy en dia son una familia para mi. Pero al graduarnos muchos nos hemos separado ya que estamos en diferentes universidades, pero por otra lado para es bueno ya que tego mi espacio para tener la tranquilidad deseada para poder preparrme en mis examenes y en mi futuro. Mi experiencia universitaria ha sido super buena. Ya que desde que comence en la universidad hace ya 2 años me ha interesado mucho sobre mi futuro y mi preparacion academica. Yo espero que pueda graduarme de la universidad en los proximos 3 años, para asi seguir con mis sueños, que es entrar a la Escuela de Farmacia, y obviamente Graduarme de dicha escuela, para asi poder ejercer mi profesion y cumplir este sueño deseado que tengo desde niña, que es ser una Buena Farmaceutica. Espero en Dios y tengo Fe que puedo cumplir este sueño.


If I could go back and talk to my eighteen-year old self, what I would say is summed up by the following: don’t be afraid! Don’t hesitate to try all the new things that university life has to offer; don’t hold back from talking to all the new people in your classes; don’t say no! It is the people you meet and the things that you do outside of class that you’ll remember – not necessarily the classes themselves. I’m old enough now, I think, to look back on my life and have some regrets. And the common denominator of all of them is this: that I failed to do something, anything, out of fear. Remember: There is no wrong action to take, the only fault comes from inaction. Take those risks that scare you the most, because they are scary to you for a reason – by facing them and moving on, you will only be made stronger. Life is not for the complacent, but for those who are willing to meet its challenges every day. And university life, especially, is full of challenges, albeit life's more enjoyable ones.


I wiil start saying to myself, be yourself. Don`t let people bother you. Fulfil your goals. Dare to dream you can complete every thing you have dreamed of. Don`t let your guard down. You can do anything in life. Take choices, make every oportunity count its worth it. See beyond what you can give. Put so much effort now in school. You are an amaising person, you just have to trust yourself. Don`t let people say the oposite. That`s the way you`ll demostrate to the people who wanted you to fail that you raised among the darkness. Every one is different, but you can be unique shinning more brighter than a star. You can do anything in this world even if you think that no one cares about you. Youa are wrong on that. Some time people we know doesn`t tell us how special but it doesn`t mean they haven`t thought about it. Deep inside they are proud of you no matter what you do, make and what would you can become. Specially when you get older and has completed every goal you have put to youself.


The university is totally different from the high school .The high school it was a stage in my life of many stumbles, you prove many. But pass moments incredible with my friends. An advice for my? I had liked to enjoy this stage in my life. They are moments that he will never forget and that always it will take in my heart. It had wanted to happen mas time with my friends since always I was passing studying, and there are very small the friends that I preserve of my high school.The university is an incredible stage, since I know mas persons and could have done new friends. The challenges are mas, since now I have mas responsibilities.


Keep going as you do, because it will be satisfactory at the end. The money is not the goal, the goal is the studies. God bles you.


If I could go back in time to talk to my high school senior self, I would definitely have advised myself to focus on smaller colleges and universities, instead of state schools and prestigious institutions. While I never dreamed I would end up at this university, I can honestly say there is no place I would rather study. This school is small, like a community college in the United States, but it offers undergraduate and graduate programs, all of which are of high quality. I know now that the small class sizes and personalized education I am receiving is the best option for me. In addition, with the cost so low, I am able to live comfortably off campus, which allows me privacy and optimal conditions for learning. So, if I could go back and advise my high school senior self, I would definitely tell myself to shy away from all the hype surrounding large universities, living in dorms, joining sororities, and all the other "typical" excitements of going off to college; there truly is nothing better than a small, individualized education that fulfills the students' personal needs while also helping them to grow as individuals and as professionals.


Assuming I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior,knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition,the advice I would give myself is to prepare for the diversity that exist in which the teachers work in universities.I would also advice myself to socialize more with the university community.Also to dedicate more time than what I was used to to study for each of the courses taken.


If I could go back in time and give advice to myself about college I would give four peices of advice. The first peice of advice would be to not worry so much about the SAT and ACT. While they are important , they are not the end all and be all of a college application. Just do your best and that is enouph. The second peice of advice would be to ask around about possible carrers. Don't get so caught up on just one thing that you blind yourself to other options. Talk to your neighbors, family members and teachers about why they chose to do what they do. The third peice of advice is to remember that your degree is more important than where the degree comes from. Most employers see a degree as a degree and want to see what you can do with that degree more than which school it came from. The fourth peice of advice is to spend more time applying for scholarships. Even if you don't get as many as you would like, they will allow you to focus more on your classes and less on working to pay for college.


my advice for myself would be to give myself more college options and apply to all and find the best one that suits me. also to apply to as much scholarships and grants as possible.


I would say to myself: Starting college is not as scary as you think it is. You made a great choice in attending the local technical institute; the people there are so helpful and friendly you will feel a part of the community on your first day. But, you know how you are thinking about enrolling in the Liberal Arts program to figure our what you would like to do - don't bother. Go right ahead and enroll in the Human Services program because you already know that you want to be a social worker and there's really no need to waste anymore time. You are going to love the program and pass the classes with ease because they are topics you love. Also, please don't buy your books from the campus store. Chegg, half.com, and amazon are amazingly affordable and there is no difference between a new and a used book when it comes to information - just when it comes to money. Finally - have fun and participate in campus activities. Just becuase you don't live on campus doesn't mean you can't be a part of college life.


I will say I have to study harder and get focussed to finished college. If I want to become a doctor I have to be very alert and focussed to get my goals. So, stay in college to get your degree and become a person who wants to help people.


First of all, in personal terms, the transition was agreeable. I think that I was prepared, due to I was preparing myself to that dramatical change since I was in Junior School. So, for that reason, I was not impacted with the change. In addition, in High School I was a dedicated student, just the characteristic that help me in the University to take advantage of other students. However the great preparation that I started before the transition, there was some difficults that I have to tolerate and to overcome. One example is the classes of my concentration that needs more dedication. Another example is the social life, in the University the students meet so much persons of other cities, with differents ways of thinking, tastes and customs, and that is interesting. Finally, the advice that would help me in the transition are: proper utilization of time of study, in regard to the social life, prepare to meet dozens of people and their ideals, and, estimate from the first moment the valuable keepsake that you can get in the university life.


Dear young naive high school student, In order to survive in the world you live in financial stability is a must. In order to achieve this you must learn to utilize your brain, aka pay attention in class and fight the sleep-monkeys that jump on your back in class. The more you learn, the easier your time will be when looking for colleges or establishments created for further education. Yes money isn't everything, but its a start to help with the world your about to enter. A world that is competative and only the best prevail, thus getting you money which supports your family which brings true enjoyment in life. Take this letter as a guidance tool, it may seem a little rigorous at this point in your life, but trust me, I am in your future world now and the more you learn now, the better off well both be later.


Estudia fuerte para que puedas sobre llevar los retos con mayor eficasia en la viada


I would tell myself to stay focused on what I want and to make short and long term goals.


The first thing I would tell myself is something that all other college students would tell me, but I never would listen and now that I am in college I completely understand why they would say: "Take your time, enjoy your high school years all that you can because you are going to miss them so much." As a high school senior I was desperate to start college and now I would give anything to be a senior once again. Being in college is so different, it wasn't even compared to how I thought it would be. Another advice I would give myself is to take things as they come and not freak out if they don't seem as you thought they were going to be. You might enter college wanting to study one thing, but when you see how it really is, it's ok to not like that anymore and want to do something else. Just do what feels right and above all, enjoy the free time, the stress and most of all, the friendships.


Set goals that are aligned with your highest values and let that inspire you; then your self-worth will continue to climb. You need to plan strategies that can clearly lead to your achievements. Your education will be one of your greatest life benefits, so develop your philosophy. The word "philosophy" comes from the Greek term, (philosophia), literally means "love of wisdom". Consider it wise to never assume you will finish your education. Identify your true highest values and heart desires. Follow an educational path that will help you fulfill these values. The moment you see how each educational momment will fulfill what is most meaningful to you, you will becaome inspired to learn. Even your smallest actions will make a differane, so learn whatever you can and get inspired. As a lifelong learner, the subjective truth is that your path is going to matter more tham the objective goal. So enjoy the now, and don't stress the later.


la vida universitaria es muy distinta a la escuela secundaria diria que hay que estar bien preparados para ese cambio.


Cristina, you have always known that you want to study law. The Ponthifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico have the best undergraduate program in the country that actually prepares you for what you will encounter in Law School. They teach the most relevant laws in Puerto Rico and the United States and most importantly have a program that matches the classes from their own Law School so they can give you a preview of what you will have to know to be a succesfull Law student. Don't hessitate and enroll in the Catholic University, you wont regret it, because is the best choice.


Hey bud, I know you've coasted through school your whole life, but things are about to change. It's on you now. We don't always realize the enormity of a moment until we look back and reflect, but guess what? This is a pretty big time; you're about to begin taking responsibility for your life. Your actions are your own and they have consequences. You're free to make your own decisions, but be prepared for the outcomes – be they positive or negative. You don't know what you want to major in, and that's all right. You're 18, for goodness sakes, you're going to change your mind anyway. When you get to college, take all your core classes and do the best you can, even if you change your major, you'll have your base built. When you figure out what you want to study, you'll be able to jump right in. Get a job in town at a record or bookstore. Make friends. Take your time in college and enjoy your independence. Go hiking. Now.


The new life that is about to come can be hard for the first days, but you can easyly adapt. Remember that in college, you are going to meet new people with different believes and abilities; you will know who are the best persons who you can trust and who don't. The first steps you make in the university are going to be essential fot your career path in the future, because all that you learn from the basics are going to help you to solve problems that are going to come. Remember the base of your education is as much important as you your concetration classes. The college life is not hard, but is not easy either. Always be positive that all you want to accomplish, it can be done, just be patient.


That we have to choose carefully before go to college what we want to study and the benefict that this brings in our lives.


As I look back on my senior year of high school, I would have done things alot differently. Some of the advice that I would have gave to myself is very different. I would have advised myself to try harder in high school. I would have to prepared myself better for the college level. I would have explained how the college life is different than high school life. I had more independence as a college student straight out of high school. College life seems hard when you trying to balance everything. I believe that I did fine, but I could have done alot better.


education is the key to success. I think it is important to prepare properly, to thereby help society. you are doing a great job giving out scholarships or financial aid to fulfill our dreams.

Adieleen Marie

I would say, just enjoy every minute of life. I was luckily at a private school, that prevented me from doing crazy things, so i turned out ok.


I will give myself the advise to never cut any class, no matter how boring it is. You can't cut any class because the next day you will be compleatly lost. Also if you have to study for an exam or something else don't go out and think that is easy . Is not. If you prefer to go out and not study you will regret it. If you have a homework to to and you have free time during the classes, go and do it. Don't go to fooling around doing nothing just to do it in your house. You have to take the chances lifes gives you. I'm not saying that you can't have friends is just you have to do your responsibilities first. Be good and enjoy your life in the university, because it goes fast.


Going back in time to me as a high school senior, I would have a few things to say. I would tell myself to make sure I know exactly what major I am going into and how hard the classes would be. If I start to fall behind in classes I would tell myself to go to the tutors that are provided; that's why they are there. I would also advise myself to manage my time well. You cannot go all out and study the whole time, you will surely stress out more than is needed. Yet, you need to make time for friends and family, but not so much that you do not study at all. I would tell myself to make time for me at least once a week so as to not stress and relax. I think that is what gets most students their first year in college, they either stress too much or do not care much about their grades because of the freedom they have. Both sides over do it and a happy medium needs to be found in order to do well.


If I could go on time and see my self searching for the perfect university and could said some words to my self, I think it will be some thing like this. First congratulate my self for deciding a career. Then gave me only two important advice: never let anything or anyone be an obstacle to your future and if an obstacle comes to your life not be limited by it instead search for the smart way to pass above or by it. After telling my self this with a big smile I will write in a paper the name of my actual university, fold the paper and put it in my hand as a high school senior. The rest will be history! A very good history!


I would let myself know that I should get in the habit of studying and doing my homework on a regular basis because in college they don't give you that extra time you might need because you slacked all week. I would tell myself that I need to get on a good sleep schedule so that I make it to all of my classes on time. I would also tell myself not to worry about my highschool friends as much because they aren't a big part of your life after highschool and that I should focus more on my school work. I would tell myself to make sure to take it one day at a time and not get overwhelmed.


Well, I would say that exploited time and explore more of what to study. To share with my partner it is time that is not coming back. Would try to strive to be the best student and excel because now that I have maturity doi me realize that time is precious and we must make the most.


If I were a senior in high school, I would tell myself to take a year off and go back to school after that year. Instead of taking three years off, I would have rathered only taken one year off. Now I feel like I am behind in my life. I am twenty four years old and am only a sophmore in college. Even though, I saved a lot of money at community college, I am now behind in my major. I transfered into Chatham University with 58 credits. This is now my second semester at Chatham and I am still considered a sophmore when I should be a junior.


The best advice I can give is able to seize the high school years and get the best grades you can make over time. Because while you start in college, everything changes and one should strive more to study and have a good average.


If I were a senior in high school again, I would tell myself to ask more questions, express appreciation for wisdom and seek knowledge outside the classroom. I would encourage myself to ask more questions because at times I did not want to appear too inquisitive. As a result, I left the classroom less informed about the subject matter. Had I known my mother and her father would pass away a year after graduation, I would have questioned them more about life and problem solving. I feel their words of encouragement about living through illnesses and tragedy could have provided me valuable comfort after their death. I would have one last opportunity to thank them for their words of wisdom. Finally, I would seek more knowledge outside the classroom, because more than twenty years later, I no longer assume people, places and things will always be there. I would take advantage of asking loved one question’s, who have since passed away, visit more places because one day 9-11 would happen and one day I would become a mother and I would have precious and valuable information to past along to my children.


I will probably wouldv'e created a studying habit, it would make my life easier.


my first advice is the piece in a college, and search the really importance, that is a values and the faith. observe and study the programs that the diferents college offer me, and see the most interesant and convenient from my life. is necessary keep in my mind that career have more demand for jobs. in the university life, I have more resposibilities in my student life, social life, and very important in the economical life.


I would be prepared more and more excited to go to college.


If I could go back in time to discuss college with my high school self, I would have a lot to say. Don't worry about being on your own. It's scary but you'll get over it. Try not to replace your good learning habits with bad ones. Once you slip a little, it's easier to fall all the way so keep your balance academically. Make little goals that help you to take big steps to your ultimate desired outcome. Obtain an associates degree first, then get a bachelor's degree. Don't let people push you around just because you're young; you're an adult and old enough to be responsible for yourself. Take one class (but only one) every term that's fun. Get as much schooling done as you can before you begin a family and career. It's a lot harder to return to school later in life. Be sure you enjoy what you're studying or you won't enjoy making a living at it. Whatever you do, be true to yourself. Don't do anything that you will regret and don't regret what you do. You'll be fine!


In my college experience I have gotten a lot of intellectual and human growth. I believe that my college (University Experience) has brought me a lot of maturity, or at least has bring me to the way for to be a human being mature, that know himself, that know how he is, and that know everything I am capable to goal in my life, not only for me, but for the people is around me and they have nourish of all I am and all I can give. Thank you for consider myself. My dreams are founded in realities, but also are founded in the belief that the world can be better and I can contribute to it.


The university has shown me a knowledge of how to understand the why, how and when the person is having a wrong way, the ability to understand the issues are facing society and teach me (gave me) the positive tools and guides to help them. The university teach me how to have the morality and faith in the air. Today I can say I am a better person and I feel like the best and complete professional that graduate in social science. Everybody attend to an university searching for an academic career but this college is more that that students here feel loved and that everybody cares about their success, that's why it have benn a valuable experience for me and all the students that attend at Pontificial University College of Ponce.


What I was able to attain from my college experience is being able to meet many wonderful people who are always willing to help you out when necessary and in which you can count on when you need them most. During the course of obtaining my bachelor's in education I have learned what it takes to be a teacher and have been given the tools and knowledge on how to become a teacher in today's society. There is so much that a teacher has to learn to be a great teacher but the two main things to remember in being a great teacher is having creativity in the classroom and to have an effective classroom management if you want to be a great teacher. I was able to learn firsthand teaching in a classroom setting at a school last semester during my practicum. It was such a wonderful experience and one that I will always remember as I make my way to becoming a professional educator in Puerto Rico. I have learned so many things that are essential in this profession that when I graduate I will be the very best teacher I can possibly be.


From my college experience I have gotten moral values and a great education because the curriculum not only emphasizes in learning about my major but also about how to be a respectable and honorable individual when we graduate. The curriculum have classes like phylosophy, social sciences, theology, and history that help us to learn about different cultures, social situations and ethical values. This college is very valuable to attend because the professors are very accesible and gentle, the academic programs are competitive one's, the administration is very responsible with student's needs, and also the surrounding environment that is good and pleasurable.


i have gained knowledge of better study strategies to improve my grades. i also get to meet new people. I also interact and have better communication skills to better talk to people.


I have learned that community college is the best way to go for our financial situation. You can say money for yourself as for your parents. When you are ready to speciaize in the area of your concern, then go to the university. This is a way of saving money by living at home and going to school part time. Now knowing that I am mature and ready to go and live on campus, I want to be a Marine Biologist. I need to explore the ocean and all the seaworld world in which it involves. I feel that my parents have given me the tools for which now I have to explore on my own. I have an experience that living at home was fine, but I need to now be on my own, I have outgrown the living situation because I need friends and to experience the world of the campus life. This will be an experience for which I have always dreamed and become part of something new. Adventure is my life style and I need to be on my own now, and show my parents I appreciate all they have done for me.


Thanks to all the knowledge that I have got in University I can say that I am a better person and more confident of myself. This is thanks to the university faculty because, not only they transmit knowledge but they bring us suport in the different situations I had in life. Also the profesors are concerned about the students and our needs.


Of my college experience I have gotten all of the knowledge that I needed to start my profession. Currently, I am a Lycensed Psychologist and my greatest satysfaction is to help other people with their daily situations and problems so they can continue fighting for their goals as I did. For them I am an example of superation and effort in life. Every day that I spent in college was full of experiences that helped me to understand the value of education . Now I want to have my doctor's degree because is my wish to create a help center for families and I need to study all of the things that I need to know so I can make my dreams true. With this schoolarship my economical concerns will be less and I am sure that I will have my degree soon. In God I trust.


My time at school has been of very importance to my life due to that i come from a poor family all our lives. I beleive that with my studies i will help my country in a positive way. I concentrate the supreme values of the human being and the values of the coexistence and the social progress. My direction leans mainly in a critical conception of psychology like science and discipline of criteria. This direction requires to offer an integral service that incorporates the study of biological, sociocultural, historical bases and spiritual that conform the human being, conceived like an integral subject. My education will concentrate of offers and subjects, where it allows me to intimately analyze areas related to the catholic vision of the human being and its mental and medical well-being.


In my university life I have managed to develop in the professional field, and socially. I've learned to help others without asking anything and that the change is possible. Make people feel with disability as equals s us. Have a desire to continue my studies to prepare in this world of so much demand lboral. He learned not to give up when I have more problems accept the frienship .Ac as a symbol for life. Treat teachers with your family is an achievement to do so. Do not see the discrimination as an obstacle and barriers eliminate found in the way. Teach to others the value of study and commitment to them.


Since I entered this college my perspective of life has changed dramatically. Now I'm a more defined person and I fight for what I want always being a good person and professional. I'm a studen with hearing disability and since I started my college life I started beleieving more in myself and I also learned that my disability it's not an obstruction or limitation to me because I will always give my best. It's not easy my life as a disability student but I have learned to manage it and success not only as professional but as human. I'm the actual president of the Management, International Commerce and Logistic Association and that make me proud of being a college studen with I need of success. I value my studies more than anything because I believe they make me the person I am.


I have not yet attended that University yet; but i am expecting to acquire a lot of knowledge so that i can be able to go into the world after graduating and find a job within the career that i have chosen.


I feel that I entered college as a mature teen and grew into an adult in the span of a couple of years. What I have learned so far has been life changing for me. My writing skills in English have taught me a new awareness of my imagination that I never knew I possessed. My teacher asked for my first writing paper to keep as an example to show her other students! Organizing my thoughts and using such descriptive sentences were not a part of my conscicousness before. I have actually developed some study skills for tests that I hadn't bothered with very much in high school. I was always a "last minute" review type person but now I make my index cards and carry them around so that any spare moment I can pull them out. My greatest achievement has been becoming the best student I can and all that that entails. I want to further my achievments and earn a bachelor's degree and become an RN. Everything I've learned thus far is molding me into a better person and i hope to carry it on into the medical field.