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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


my goals


The Pontificail Catholic University of Puerto Rico in Ponce are one of the best educational institutions in the Island; I thing that because the profesors are so cool and help the students a lot. Also, the student environment is favorable for expand our knowledge.


My college experience up until this point has been very exciting and beneficial for me. College has taught me how to become independant by getting things done on my own. I value going to college because I've been allowed a chance to expand my mind and learn alot of new and interesting things that I could apply to my ultimate career goal of becoming a Social Worker. I believe that enrolling in college is the best decision I've made because it will make me a better person all around by improving my intelligence level and teaching me as much as I can possibly gain in my college years.


I have so many friends, have studied at this University, and all were always happy about the treatment and that well spread in the University. I always I wanted to be a good professional and from small always maybe be a scientist. For this reason, I chose this University, which I don't regret, that so far has been my best decision. I am in my first year at University, I am studying chemistry, and I hope with the help of God to be a good chemical in the future. Thanks.


This is actually my first year of college, and so far i have honestly grown into a very mature young adult. Being in college has taught me a lot about responsibilty. Everything in my school years from k-12 was kind of given to me i really didnt have to much but just go to school, so being in college has taught me that i have to do everything by myself because it is for myself. I learn how to manage my time because in college everything is really strict. I have to be in class on time and my assignments have to be in on time. College is really teaching me about how to care for myself and set my own goals, the teachers are just there to teach and its really the students responsibility to learn. Even if i missed something in my class its my responsibilty to go get a tutor and get help. College is valuble to attend because its a pathway to your success. It builds your educational skills, i see countless older people who are just coming back to school who tell me how sitting at home really does not benifit you.


It would be impossible to say what I have gained from my college experience in only two hundred words. I have been attending Manchester Community College for almost four years now and the life experiences and education I have gained are immeasurable. In these past years I have grown from a young adult with almost no work force experience, no clue how to write a resume or any confidence that I could get a job I applied for. Into a strong, confident, woman empowered with mentors, education and a go getter attitude I didn't think possible. Some of the professors I have met over the years have been worth the four years spent at school in itself. Take Mr. Magoon for example, the entrepreneur with a curiosity for the nuances in this world that never ceased to amaze me. This man would spend all day counting cars at an intersection to determine the viability of a gas station at that location or take pictures of where students sat in class to compare it to what grade they receive at the end of semester to determine if there is was a correlation. I am a better person today, period.


great profesors, great treatment, wonderful clasmates.


The college experience I have gained from attending San Joaquin Valley College will prove most useful as I pursue my career. The college experience I have gained has led me to learn the ways I should deal with certain situations that I may be faced with in the future. The staff at San Joaquin Valley College are very supportive and help with any problems and it shows me that people care. I would like to return the favor by pursuing my career and helping patients trust in the Medical Assistants with any problems they may have to their health or the emotional problems they may be facing too. I have learned the proper ways of conducting procedures that will be mandatory as a Medical Assistant. It has been valuable to attend college because the information that I am being trained in shows me how to be a good and responsible Medical Assistant. In this college I am taught to interact with my classmates in a business and casual manner as I will be doing so in the workplace. It is valuable to attend so that I may be consistent in following orders and being responsible for attending class every day.


It has been valuable to attend because I have learned a lot.Why?because right now im having such good grades and im trying real hard to be such an example to my friends.My experience in college has been great.I have made a lot of friends,met a lot of people and also became such a great person.Thanks to all of this ,I likely became a new person.Why do i say it?Because i have more responsibility,and I am more organized.Early years I was just a teenage girl that, well ,didn't study likely for anything,but i realized that it is important because if you read and learn,you earn the knowledge to everything.Also one of my experiences is that the're are a lot of people who accept you for who you are,not for what you have or you look like,and this is somewhat great for all of us.The College has prepared me to have a great future,to be a perfect professional and also to be a great human with such valuables and be organized and responsable.For now,this are some of my experience in college.


It has been one of the most important and most efficient experiences of my life because i'm being prepared to be a profesional and someone in society.


I would have told myself not to be afraid to go straight on to the University because it is just like High School but a lot more fun. You get to make great friends, you get to choose your career path and if the first one you choose doesn't work out for you, you can always change before it becomes too late. And if at first you can't find enough time to finish before the grants and scholarships run out then take some time off find a job and get right back on the horse. If you do take a break don't take a long one because you may not be able to find a way to finish unless you are commited to finishing.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to pay attention in class, study everyday, choose the right kind of friends, and to not give in to peer pressure. In college, you're gonna meet all kinds of people, you just have to choose those who are going to be a good influence on you. I would also tell myself to not get carried away wasting money, because every cent counts, college life is very expensive. Also I would tell myself to get on the professor's good side, so if you have any doubts, he will clear them up without any complaint, and you would be known as an exemplary student. I would tell myself to set a goal and to not give up until I fulfill it, no matter how hard it may be, cause it's not impossible.


You only live once. You are about to take one of the biggest and most important steps in your life. Don't do it for anyone else but yourself. Now is the time. The rest of your life depends on your success in college. It's not going to be easy but, believe me, it's worth it. There's nothing that you cannot get accomplished if you are determined to do it. I will tell you about my own experience. I didn't give it much importance as a high school senior. I went to college but didn't take my education seriously. Then later in life I came to regret it deeply. I often found myself thinking about how different my life would be if I had completed a formal education. Now, after a very disapointing life experience, I am working very hard to finish my college degree. I'm sure that will open a world of opportunities for me. Please don't make the same mistake I made. Take my advice. Study and work hard in college and later you can enjoy life to its fullest.


Well, the same thing that i did in the first place, I wanted to have a good education, and be a professional, but the truth is that I pray to God and I wanted he's opinion, He knows what is best for me, and he said go to Potific Catholic University, that the right place for me because he always have a purpose, and I trust that he will provide the money to pay my studies and He did so here I am, in 3 year and I don't regret it.


honestly, I apply more and would give my best effort in the materials for a better average to allow me to enter fully into my cuticles classes and not have to raise the average before that lengthens my study time.