Portland Community College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A two year community college where students are well provided for be the faculty; instructors here are generally only here because they like teaching and passing on their knowledge and also care for the students (almost like a nonprofit thing), and as such are willing to impart everything they know if you so wish.


This school is accessible for many.


Portland Community College is a great alternative to the typical straight out of high school state schools in that you are offered the same courses at a discounted price in an environment that is focused on balancing education with life.


The best college in the state of Oregon.


Portland Community College is a nurturing environment that encourages learning and career exploration for the young and old alike.


Portland Community College is very modern, the buildings are very stylish. Although the architecture is up-to-date, the atmosphere is very relaxing and warm. The atmosphere makes students feel like they belong there.


PCC is the best community college around. You definately get a lot for your money.


My school is a wonderfully diverse place where people with all interests can learn at an affordable price.


A multi-campus community college determined to pull away from the pack and provide a significantly more substantial experience than the all-too-common stigmatized view of community colleges across America.


PCC is a positive learning environment at a reasonably economic price.


PCC is a great school that offers so many various classes to all who are seeking to either broaden their edudation, return to school, or start their college career while saving money.