Portland Community College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.

Tanner Martin

My classmates comes from many different walks of life, and they like to express their views in many different ways.


We have a very diverse student body. All students respect that people come to Portland Community College to learn in a non judgmental environment. Students who judge and discriminate those who are different will feel out of place because Portland Community College has a great student and staff community. Students are also able to express themselves as they see fit with the clothes they wear. However, coming to school nude is not acceptable. People who attend Portland Community College come from all kinds of financial backgrounds. People choose Portland Community College because it provides a more affordable education. PCC also provides many associate degrees. Many students earn their associates degree then transfer to a four year college. This course of action is quite common because it is so cost effective. Going to PCC also is a nice stepping stone before entering a four year college. Students are very aware politically. Thousands of students voted this year.


My Classmates range from family oriented to fresh out of high school. Those I have met in the Welding program are awesome people to know, most are driven to succeed. Around campus people are enthusiastic and seemingly enjoying their time as I am. Rock Creek campus is pretty compact so classmates bump into eachother often. This creates a sort of community. So far my peers have heightened my experience and pushed to work even harder by example.


Our classmates are always ready to be enlightened.


P.C.C. has a very diverse student body.


My classmates are diversified and eager to learn.


My classmates are very unique, diverse and non-judgemental.