Portland Community College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I have heard that classes here are much more difficult and involved than other colleges and universities nearby, and that there are more options to select from here than there are in most other nearby institutions.


great place for counsling, studying, and starting over


Being the school that people can come and get their prerequisets done easily before going onto a big school to finish their degree.


Portland Community College is best known for it's nurturing educational environment and low tuition.


Allowing any aged human being to persue their dreams and reach them. There is no holding back, only pushing forward at Portland Community College. Getting you ready to succed in having an Associates or Transfer Degree to a 4-year college to continue on with your dreams.


Portland Community College is most definitely best known for its diversity. Not only are the students diverse, but the professors as well. There are so many different cultures that take part in the school community which makes it such a great and open minded learning environment.


Columbia Gorge Community College through association with Portland Community College and the Community College in nearby The Dalles, is well known for thier excellent Nursing program.