Portland Community College Top Questions

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Very economicaly friendly money to education value and i love its loction


Can register for classes at any campus, free shuttle bus system between campuses, diversity, breadth of class selection, excellent instructors, excellent programs, excellent administration.


PCC has several campuses available, so you can decide which is right for you. Each has a different feel. I enjoy Cascade for it's convenience and it's wonderful teachers. Sylvania campus has a great philosophy department and a lovely secluded atmosphere. My friend loves the landscape program at the Rock Creek campus. Every student is free to try one or all of these unique locations.


I really like the age range in my classes. I dont feel like the oldest person there, and there are other moms in my classes so they know what im going through!


The amount of things to do on campus


Portland Community College is a unique college because they provide future prospective students with a wide selection of academic programs to choose from. Portland Community College has multiple locations for a more convenient commute for those who prefer to attend a campus closer to home. In addition, Portland Community College allows students to obtain education through online classes, presents tuition rates at a reasonable price, has a diverse atmosphere and provides students with a wide variety of resources to earn grants or scholarships compared to most colleges. Portland Community College professionally motivates students to eagerly seek a better opportunities.


One of the unique things about Portland Community College that I really appreciate is that it is completely tobacco free. This helps make the campus a comfortable and healthy environment to study in. I enjoy walking between buildings from class to class and don't have to avoid smoking zones. This is true at all three PCC campuses.


It is a large school with a wide range of classes and programs. It is also very affordable. It allows students to complete basic college requirements before transfering to a four-year school to complete their degree.


my college is very stress-free and community oriented. It is open to anyone from all walks of life. I have met people who are many years older than me who have families and careers. Other students are from foreign lands such as China, South Africa and Siria. It is nice to around people who are different from me so I can learn more from them.


It is closest to where I live and I love how the website is set up so that I can email my instructors and get information at all times.