Portland Community College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?




I tell people that Portland Community College is a smarter option for many students who may not have the financial ability to attend a 4 year school or other prestigious university. It's a smarter move economically, and the teachers are friendly and willing to help you succeed. The class sizes are small and PCC has many resources available for students first entering college life.


My school may be small, but we have great teachers who really push and challenge us to work hard and do our best on our work.


If my friends dare to ask that question, then I respond with "boring". Why? It's easy, just as easy as high school, and so it is no suprise that my friend don't ask that question. Besides I used to tutor them all.


Well, this will be my last term at PCC because I'll be attending a very expensive cooking school in Portland. So of course I'm always bragging about the amazing food court!! There are so many places to eat with great food.


When I brag about my school I brag about the cost of attendance. I have friends who go to private schools; they make big sacrifices to make their tuition payments. Here at PCC, it costs me less than $750.00 a term. I still have money to go out, see movies, change my oil, ect; because I am not spending an arm and a leg to get an education. Eventually I will go to a four year school and maybe even grad school, but theres no harm in saving money for a couple years while attending a more affordable school.


I don't brag