Portland Community College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Scholarships aren't just for people fresh out of high school. Even if you've been out of school for awhile, go apply. It's worth it.


Inconsistancy amoung instructors.


The parking situations, really hard to find parking unless you show up before the school opens or late in the afternoon


The food. There are very few vegan options, much less healthy options. I have several food allergies and I am vegan. I never buy lunch at school because there is nothing safe or nutritious for me to eat, other than maybe a boring salad with no dressing.


Parking could be better.


Portland Community Colleges' flaw would be the facts that they provide a wide variety of academic programs which are located ONLY in certain campuses. Since there are certain programs in certain locations, it would be a disadvantage for those who would like to study a particular field but has to travel a distance to attend. Another flaw would be the fact that some classes only accept a limited amount of students. If a student has not been accepted into the class, they would have to wait an additional term to attempt again.


I consider the worst thing about Portland Community College is the campus that I am at is the limited amount of classes that they offer. I would be able to take alot more important classes to my degree if they were avaliable at my location. That would be the worst aspect anout Portland Community College at S.E. campus.


As a community college, PCC is not able to necessarily offer the variety or quantity of classes that a 4-year University might.