Portland Community College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I feel that Portland Community College has a great student body. Everyone is respectful of each others learning environment. There is quite a diversity of age groups attending PCC. It's very easy to make new friends because everyone is so nice. It's rare that someone will not open a door for you. A very respectable student body, the professors are great, and the campus is lovely.


I am so impressed with this school. For a Community College, I wasn't expecting much, but PCC has far exceeded my expectations, even at a University level. The faculty is knowledgeable and passionate, and the campus is beautiful.


I think PCC is a really great public college, because they're offer lots of programs to helps students success regardless of their age, gender, culture that no other colleges offer: Career Exploration Programs, Future Connection Programs, and Multicultural Programs. I love to be here at PCC, it's a wonderful place.