Portland Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


stuck up eople who wont listen to or consider other peoples ideas


Only closed-minded people that won't take their education seriously shouldn't bother applying.


I feel Portland Community College is a school that is dedicated to every persons educational needs, whether it is to persue a degree from a four year university or to gain personal knowledge our school is there to assist eveyone's needs.


Someone who wants very small classes and a small-college environment; someone who wants to attend a "prestigious" school, someone who wants to attend a school with predominantly religious or conservative values.


PCC has online classes, wonderful professors and numerous majors. You can take non credit classes, or credit classes, PCC has a strong support system in the ASPCC and its counselors. For the students that have financial worries PCC has financial aid Counselors to help and a 50/50 payment plan. It tries really hard to be supportive of all of its students, but like any school only student's that are motivated and dedicated to their education will succeed in this challenging environment.


Anyone that doesn't want to go to school or expect anything out of their life.


Portland Community College is trying to be a non-smoking public school, so if you can't quit smoking, don't attend this school.