Portland Community College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Financial Aid and not enough clean facilities


advising is not that good


Finding time to do homework and study.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that they have multiple campuses spread throughout the city and adjacent suburbs. Courses are offered at different campuses, which sometimes results in having to travel all over town each day.


Parking is probably the roughest thing at PCC- Rock Creek. Fact is there jsut isn't enough of it.


Only that I wish I had availed myself of some decent teachers with greatly encouraging attitudes decades ago instead of dragging around in not good work with not good pay my whole(so far)life. I love PCC,but Sarah Lawrence (1968 degree BA) was not a realistic place back then and East West is a total fabrication of the reality of massage in Oregon.


To understand why I get frustrated with my school, you would have to know that I come from a small town. I live in a town where you can look to anyone and have the knowledge to tell at least five facts of the person. Which is why I was so excited to leave this town and become acquainted with others I haven't known my entire life. Unfortunately for me, meeting new people in a community college is easier said than done. This is why my biggest frustration is how difficult it is to meet new people at PCC.


For me, one of the more frustrating aspects is the commute. P.C.C. has numerous campuses dispersed throughout the Portland metro area. I try and do my best to keep the miles down to a minimum, as well as having an gas saving vehicle, yet I wish that there was a more extensive shuttle service offered.


The sororities and fraternitites


Is that it offers only a few different options for graduating with a degree or certificate and has very few extricurricular student activities. There is are no sports teams or very many clubs or sorority/fraternity oppertunites.


I consider the most frustrating thing about my school to be the same as the worst thing which is the lack of classes at my location. Specifically in the science department. The South East campus offers only one science class which is highly inconvienient. I'm looking forward to transfering to Oregon State so all of the classes i need are readily avaliable.


The lack of community involvement, though there are many passionate students on campus it seems as if most students are merely content to drift through their classes. I found this approach unsatisfying and have devoted a good portion of my time helping to invlove students in a myriad of efforts to improve our campus.


The campus that I am located does not have all the classes that I require to take and the other campuses are farther away from where I live.


I think the only thing I get frustrated with is finding parking. I am very happy with the camput that I am attending (Cascade Campus).