Portland Community College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known to utilize all of the available resources at Portland Community College (PCC) when I first began classes. PCC has excellent opportunities that engage students and offer a complete college experience from work-study, to internships, or even volunteering throughout the community. In addition PCC offers students assistance with groceries, bus passes, clothing, and childcare. This college wants every student to succeed no matter what situation you came from. If I had known about all of these resources before coming to PCC I may have enrolled sooner.


How much walking there would be to get from the far out reaches of the parking lot to the campus, then to my class so I knew to leave earlier and try to apply for reserved spots


I wish I would have known and taken seriously the importance of applying for scholarships my senior year of high school. During this year of school, my dad constantly reminded me to apply to as many scholarships as possible. However, I tended to procrastinate, telling myself that I could always apply later. Later eventually came to an end and now I am no longer a senior in high school. I have found that scholarships are much harder to find now that I am in college and so I encourage all seniors to take time to apply to scholarships.


Nothing. As much as I thought I would be behind and worried I wouldnt succeed, Portland Community College was the perfect start to get me ready for my 4-year college days.


There's not a surplus of night activity in the town and the majority of the students drink and smoke on a regular basis. Otherwise, everything is as I had expected: amazing!


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I wish I had known that my current major department is located at the farthest campus, not the one that I first attended.


Exactly what job I want to hold when I graduate. I'm still undecided.


I wish I had known more information about transfer degreees and how all of that works. What credits I would need to transfer to a different school compared to what credits I need to take for my school.


Mostly that college is not as difficult as many people believe it is, paying for college is the hardest part, but also the classes that are being taken have an influence in the difficulty of the college experience.