Portland Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


diverse crowd of people

Tanner Martin

The best things about this school are the acadmeic enviorn,ent because many it is a very academic enviornment. The instructors are willing to work with the students' schedule to meet with them to discuss.


The best thing about my school is the locations, PCC is unique because it boasts four seperate campus locations around Portland. I personally attend classes at the North campus and without this particular location I would not have access to affordable higher education. I believe that these seperate locations across the city is a crucial component to offering such high quality education to so many people. In a large city location is key and without these seperate locations PCC would not have been an integral part in changing so many people's lives as it has.


The resources provided to students. Just being a student of PCC offers one access to a database of scolarly papers and journals, and It students are given free access to a collection of Microsoft software through the Dreamspark program.


Teachers are awesome here in PCC. they try their best to help you to succeed. The school is very friendly, you see a lot of smiles, and that makes you feel like your a family


It's so hard to pick just one, but the best part of my school is the environment. Between the teachers, the town, and the on-campus facilities, there is a wealth of inspiration for success and the overall dogma is to make the world a better place by being yourself. The emphasis on taking care of the world embodied by everyone makes me hopefull for the future and people take real, significant action, instead of just talking. Also, the physical environment is astounding; between the beach, the forests, and the flatlands, there is always somewhere beautiful to go.


The best thing about Portland Community College is that the class size are smaller, hence it let the students get one-on-one with the proffesors. Second, there is someone who is always willing to help. Third, the tuition is low so it gives students a chance to go to school.


I really like being able to take online classes as well as classes at the school. The people who work there helped me find where I was supposed to go and what I was supposed to do for registering. They also really hellped me figure out the classes i needed to take.


I love the small classes. The education you gain from a small class is so much better because of the availability of the professors. It is easy for professors to ensure that each student is comprehending the concepts, and they really focus on the success of their students.


Portland Community College is a great school with many locations around the Portland, Oregon area. Their goal is to make high quality education available to anyone at an affordable price. One part of providing high quality education is having high quality teachers. PCC has awesome teachers. Many are willing to come on their days off to tutor students and make sure they are getting the help they need. I have a photography class that gets out at 9pm and I am by far the youngest student. my lovely teacher walked me to my car to make sure I left safely.


I think my favorite thing about PCC is that the class sizes are so small. It is really close to the classes when I was attending the University of Portland. Smaller classes mean that there is more one on one time with the professor.