Portland State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are varied and each unique.


We are a large, diverse and independent community that supports one another and works together, whether we are up against class projects to controversial societal issues.




My classmates are creative and diverse; caring for themselves and their friends, my classmates bring my school to life with excitement and intellect.


They are a diverse group from varied backgrounds and many views on life.


There is a lot of diversity at this school, so it's hard to describe them all in one sentence. People in Portland are known for being hipsters so there is some of that. There are also many students that have come from Saudi Arabia and other places in the Middle East because of exchange programs.


Students at PSU are opinionated but sheltered.


Liberal and very progressive.


Some days just like high school, others days just like work.


My classmates are determined, inquisitive people trying to better themselves and their communities through the pursuit of useful knowledge and skills.


At Portland State University, my classmates


They are unique and creative.


My classmates, especially within my program of study, were often very inquisitive, progressive, diverse, and interesting!


My classmates in college are, overall, caring, kind, willing to help each other succeed in the class, fun, happy, supportive, and intellectual.


The students at Portland State are motivated to make a change, and are extremely welcoming of newcomers.


PSU is very diverse! I walk around campus and hear at least three different languages being spoken. We live in a very liberal and green city. Generally we are a very excepting community, and if anything comes up usually the city reacts like a peaceful walk or vigil. Right now there is more of a "hipster" trend going on and people's style choices in portland are very diverse as well. On halloween you can't always be sure if someone is wearing a costume, or if that's what they look like on a daily basis. But it's really helped me grow and get a deeper understanding of cultural differences and since I'm a International Studies major I totally dig that! PSU is one of least expensive public schools in oregon, and it attracts people from all different financial backgrounds.


This school is filled with diversity, which in my case I enjoy because you get to live and be around the different cultures that are out there. You'll almost always find every kind of student here at PSU. Most students either dress up or wear sweats and a sweatshirt to class. The typical groups you'll find in the dining hall are the athletes, the kid who likes to stay to him/herself, the hipsters, and just the average joes. Most students who attend PSU are from surrounding cities or from International cities.


My classmates are helpful, resourceful, and regular college students just like me.


PSU has quite a diverse population. A large percentage of this population consists of an older crowd. There are also a ton of international students (the majority of which are Asian).


my classmates are all unique, each one is like a snow falke.


There is a lot of international students at PSU. It can be a problem working in groups with students who do not speak english well but it has never harmed my grade. Most students are from all types of backgrounds. Young, old, rich, poor. They are all here.


I think it would be impossible for someone to feel out of place at PSU. I see every kind of person imaginable here. Students seem politically aware/active and more left-leaning, I would say.


I feel that during my time at Portland State University, I have been treated with respect, open acceptance of differences and tolerance. The people at PSU are chill. If you are looking for people who will invite, accept, and relate to you no matter your gender, color, or creed, you will find it easy to have a good college experience at PSU. However, if you are into persecuting and hating people for their race, ethnicity, sexual preference, religious belief, or political affiliation, than Portland State University is not the college for you.


My classmates are a very odd group of wanna-be hippies and anarchists.


My classmates were very diverse with a wide age range and culturally and racially diverse backgrounds.


My classmates are like another family to me because we encourage each other to keep going forward towards our goals and dreams.


My classmates come from a wide range of backgrounds. There is a large portion of my classmates that are first generation U.S. citizens, foreign students and people returning to school. The wide range of personal experiences creates an exciting and interesting learning situation.


The majority of classmates, although very nice, are much older than me.


My classmates often know what they want out of life and out of the class and are easy to warm up to and chat with on a regular basis, once I get comfortable with the class itself.


My classmates are, on average, about 8-12 years older than I am this term. This doesn't bother me though because in every class, everyone is learning the same material at the same pace. Everyone is respectful of others' learning styles and, so far, everyone has also been very helpful and encouraging.


My classmates are a diverse group of individuals, ranging from local residents to students that are studying abroad, but their goals are all the same - to expand their knowledge base and achieve their goals in life.


My classmates consist of 20-something guys and gals who are all eager to learn and who enjoy living in the beautiful city of Portland.


My classmates can be described in one word easily, and that would be very liberal. They think they know what they want and they will do anything to fight for that cause.