Portland State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for its urban setting, supporting its students' urban lifestyles in the heart of downtown Portland with convenient access to arts and culture, nature and the outdoors, as well as retail and transportation.


It is one of the largest universities in Portland! It is conveniently located in downtown Portland, and it seamlessly blends in to the city. It is easily accessible both by car and by public transportation, and it attracts students of all demographics. In Portland, the school seems to be best known for its physical location as well as the fact that it has an extensive selection of subjects available to study. It offers both Undergraduate and Graduate degrees in a multitude of disciplines.


Honestly, my school is really only known for being in downtown Portland. There are no remarkable sports or extracurricular achievements I am aware of. They do have a very popular pre-med program.


They want us to not only succeed in the classroom but also when we get out into the real world. Our professors set us up to not only learn the materials but actually be able to apply them to everyday things. While being an athlete our coaches care first about our grades and then second on how we preform on the field.


Portland State is best known for its diversity. We have over 127 student organizations that cater to all the diverse needs of our students. There is nothing that can compare to an education that is mostly given to us by those we have in our classes that can bring their own perspective to the topics of choice. Even if there is not something that caters to you, Portland State University makes it easy to create something for yourself if you need or want it.


PSU is know for it's green ways, urban enviroment, underground tunnels, sky-birgdes, bowling ally and it's willingness to work with students. As a large part of downtown Portland, PSU is also know for odd little quirks and lot's of entertainment!


We are on of the largest urban school that is known for its sustainable practices.


It is best known for its academics, and engineering programs


Portland State University is best known for being a commuter school. While people do live on campus, there are a lot of people who drive or take public transportation that drops them off right on campus. Another thing I have noticed is that there are many adults returning to school, and I would guess that being a commuter school makes it more convinent for them to do so.


Sustainability. How green Portland State is. It is rated #1 in sustainability in all of the U.S. colleges.


Portland State University is most commonly referred to as a glorified community college, which I would agree with because the classes are not very difficult and they are not made up of your traditional four-year university crowd.


Location. Portland State is the only urban college in Oregon. You can catch a train or bus from most suburbs to get to campus. There are many bars, restaurants, and food carts nearby.


I think my school is best know for it's work in the community and with the environment; Portland State is a very strong and tight-knit group of students and faculty who have developed classes that are focused on bettering the world we live in.


It has the largest student body in any other university in Portland, OR. It is also very diverse and there are people who come from all over the world to attend the school. It is located in beautiful downtown Portland and the application process is very easy. They try to accommodate as many people as possible.


Portland State University is best known for its diverse students, faculty and staff. This positive aspect of Portland State University allows for many differing backgrounds to come together as one, providing a unique understanding, education and learning environment for the betterment of the world. It's diversity in nationalities as well as programs, gives one the chance to experience and explore many fields at once, while pursuing their individual interests. This variety of ethnic backgrounds and cultures will continue to opens doors and new ideas to students in our ever-changing world.


Portland State University has more than once been dubbed "The Best in the West" where universities are concerned. The school is best known for its fine arts program, as well as architecture, athletics, and especially its unique University Studies program. This program (referred to as UNST) replaces the usual "general education" courses that other colleges utilize and instead teaches students to incorporate what they learn in the classroom with the outside world. This includes how they interact with others at the office, in the home, and in the community.


Portland State Univeristy is probably best known for it's eco-friendly atmosphere and beautiful surroundings. For a school located in the center of the city, there are plenty of grassy plains, mountain views and plant life. The school is also known for having such a diverse student body.


Without a doubt, Marylhurst is best known for it's commitment to welcoming learners from all types of social and economic backgrounds. I have grown up in this area and lived here most of my life. One thing that has always impressed me about Marylhurst is that they have always tried to emphasize non-traditional methods of learning. They do this by offering a variety of online and evening classes for people who obligations that may otherwise keep them out of the classroom.


Portland State University is best known for being sustainable and environmentally friendly through recycling on the whole campus, the new building that are being erected, and outreach in the community to clean up.


I am not really sure, but I would have to guess it is the diversity of the students, as well as the programs offered. We have a rather large campus that is situated right in the middle of Downtown Portland. I am in the Criminology and Criminal Justice Program, so this is what I know the most about here at PSU. They love their students and offer us great student support to meet a wide variety of needs.(tutoring, computer labs, academic support, etc).


The park blocks. School is beautifully situated downtown and the campus is very open and beautiful


The school is best known for its diverse and dynamic atmosphere. Each person is given the opportunity to find individual success and individual happiness. There are several opportunities to grow and be the person you want to be and to get to know others who may or may not be like you. The community at Portland State is inviting and encourages interaction, creativity, and innovation.


sustainability and the university studies program


Our school is best known for "being green" and very liberal.


My school is best known as enviroment related, sports, social life, academics and involved.


My school is best known for being a "green" school. Portland State University strongly emphasizes the importance of being environmentally friendly. Currently, many of the buildings are being reconstructed to be more eco friendy, and the faculty in PSU encourage recycling.


Being the largest University in Oregon.