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Portland State is an urban university, that attracts and promotes people from all walks of life and ages, to enhance their educational experience in academia and self enhancement. It's also a melting pot of ethinc diversity from it's student body and faculty, bringing understanding of the worlds rich culture to one central institution.


It collaborates with other colleges nearby and a medical school, so the connections here are great.


Portland State University is centered in the heart of the city. The urban environment complements the values the school sets forth of civic engagement and socially responsible living and business practices. At PSU there are many returning students, such as myself, from a large variety of backgrounds. This diversity has reinforced the inclusive culture, and has enriched the classroom experience. I could not see myself ever attending a school in a "college town"; as an older student I would feel out of place in any school without as much diversity as PSU.


My school has excellent public transportation options. They also have programs set up to assist graduates find a job in their field.


Portland State works with many other colleges/universties to help students obtain their academic goals. Their advisors seem very knowledgeable and helpful in directing students on how to obtain access to programs that would help them get into the careers they want. PSU has a very diverse population and group work was encouraged in most of the classes.


Because Portland State University is located directly in the city of Portland, it can be very difficult to determine what is campus and what is city because they are intertwined so strongly. Our relationship with Portland is one that is continually growing as we shape it and it shapes us. The partnerships that we are able to have with all of the local business are what I believe set Portland State apart from other city schools. I am successful at Portland State for the opportunities to grow and discover new things unlike small schools located in smaller towns.


PSU is in an urban enviromnent, but has a huge amounts of sports and activities for students. Students and staff members are extremely friendly, and it has film as a major. It's also right next to the NorthWest film center.


PSU is a commuter school. Since It's a 4 year university that is a commuter school it sets it apart from the rest. You dont have to live on campus or near the campus as compared to other schools.


You will be bombarded by hundreds of ideas on what you want and what you should do. To make sense of it, simply do this: Picture where you want to be, who you want to be, and what you want to be doing ten years from now and devote yourself to getting there. Here's the tricky part; it will change and you must learn to adapt to where your interests and passions take you. It's not a race, so make the most of it.


I found the web design class to be especially unique and enjoyable. The professor was helpful and willing to learn right along with his class. I am also learning to appreciate the online classes offered, though it would be nice if more online classes could be offered in the future for the student who is trying to go to college and work full time.


The PSU campus is in a great location (downtown portland) which makes it very easy to acess. There are several forms of transportations on campus that make it very easy and affortable for students to get to and from school. The other schools I was considering did not seem to have that.


This school provides a lot of experience for individuals who have not spent a lot of time in a downtown city atmosphere. PSU offers lots of opportunities because of its central location. Spending time in a busy environment like the city will help you prepare for after graduation.


It's basically great. I sort of wish I could just keep going to school here, but I guess that's what grad school is for.


Portland as a whole is odd in its accepting and LBGT-friendly culture. It is unlike anywhere else in the world with it's clothing, vegans, and happy atmosphere. It has the cleanest rainwater in the USA. Yellow jean or bright orange shirts aren't uncommon. Street performers in many places and always someone to talk to. There is beautiful architecture and a lot of the more of interesting side of history as well. There are trees everywhere you look and it isn't uncommon to see someone skip or dance up the street.


PSU is unique in the fact that it thrives on the ideas and values of caring for the environment. Along with the rest of the city of Portland, PSU has developed several different organizations on campus as well as majors that cater to the subject of sustainability. Though I am not studying a environmentally-related major, the influence my school as placed on me has changed my way of living drastically since I moved here from California. I recycle regularly, never litter, and use a tote bag for groceries. PSU is made for environtmentalists and hopes to convert its students.


The school is located in a beautiful area along the Willamette River. While it is very close to the major city where I live, I feel as if I have travelled to a completely different place when I am there. I also like that Marylhurst appeals to a wide variety of students which means that there is alot of diversity in the classes. I have made some amazing friends since I have been there. It's a wonderful mix of people who come from very different social places but are united in their passion for learning.


Portland State is unique mostly because of how the campus it set up. It really is part of the city, rather than being its own little college town. This is actually one thing that I really like about PSU, because everything I could ever need is within walking distance from my classes.


The whole college experience is different than other schools because it is in the city and not a party school. There is so much other fun stuff to do. The other school i considered was WSU which is the second largest party school in the nation which is why i chose not to go there. I would prefer to live in the city and have my fun here. which is why i chose PSU.


The most unique ascept Portland State University has to offer to students is it's location. It is a university located in the middle of a thriving metropolitan city. There is a main campus, but the majority of the classes are spread out in business buildings all throughout the southern portion of the downtown area.


It had a very diverse group of students and many more people were open to new experiences and "out-of-the-box" thinking that really drew me in


The age range of PSU students are very diverse, which is rare for a regular rural 4 years college. I get alot of different experiences from working with lots of diverse people. Also 5 % of PSU students are the international students, which is alot.


Although it is a public state school, Portland State University has garnered the prestige of a private college as a result of its student's work ethic, quality of professors, and resources available to students.


PSU has a lot of diversity regarding student age. As a 27 year old, I do not at all feel out of place in my classrooms, because many of the students are near my age group or older.