Portland State University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


It's a commuter school, so a very small greek life but we have literally a club for everything! Like our Ted Talks club, where people get together and drink tea and watch Ted Talks.


Many students groups on campus are very active because everyone are welcome to join and have fun. The most special thing is because PSU is a diversity university, many students from different countries. Every year they will have their culture event to represent their countries, students have many chances to exchange their experience with those international students.


I am currently a member of the Portland State running club, which has been a great experience. There are countless of other clubs and organizations that cater to a variety of different students. Additionally, I lived in the Ondine dorms, where students remained steadfast to meeting friends and welcoming others. My closest friends now are individuals that lived on the same floor as me.


There are a lot of clubs and groups at PSU, with more and more added each year and if you want to do something that isn't listed all you need is a few people to start up a club. We have intramural sports teams, dance clubs, academic clubs, sorority life, and pretty much anything else you can think of.


Portland State has so many student groups it's hard to keep track of them all. We have everything from Professional Leadership Groups to the Snowboarding Club. There are groups for foreign languages, actors, musicians, computer geeks, sports, basically anything you can think of. What's even better is that if there isn't a student group on campus for whatever you're in to, the Student Activities Leadership Program will help you start a group of your own!


The most popular students groups are ASPSU: Student Government, Orientation Leaders, Residents Hall Association, Intramural teams, and the football team. Most students leave their dorm doors open so other students can walk by and visit. That's how I met my closest friends, by roaming up and down the hallways of the dorms and saying hi to the students who had their doors open. Athletic events are relatively popular, I believe it has room to expand. If you're awake at 2am your either cramming for a test, having a movie night, or just roaming the downtown streets of Portland. People normally party every weekend, with having 18+ clubs just downtown. Fraternities/sororities aren't popular but they are definitely expanding their popularity. I normally spend my weekends having movie nights with my friends, or traveling to near by cities.


There is a lot of groups and activities to get involved in at PSU. Lots of sustainability initiatives. Lots of outdoor programs and opportunities. There are lots of bars on and walking distance from campus to socialize. There is plenty of places to meet people. There is a gaming lounge on campus where people can bowl, pool, video games, or other party games.


I know most of my friends from classes. I live off campus so I don't really know what goes on in the dorms. There's a cool movie theater that's free for students and always plays good classics and cult films. I've never actually been to it, but always think I should.


At Portland State University there is always something to do or some kind of activity being put on. The rec center is a great place to meat people, play sports and other activities and the best part is that it is free to full time students. walking down the dorm halls there is always a few doors open mostly because this is an invitation to come visit. There is a few theaters and two malls within the free trimet rail zone, Safeway a couple blocks away, tons of restaurants and a couple of night clubs for people 18+. Once you get to know more people and get a good recognition of the city, possibilities are endless.