Portland State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


In my experience the administration (institution department staff, professors, counselors) has been very helpful and is dedicated to the academic success of students as well as their success in life outside of school. The campus is really beautiful in all seasons (a park runs through the middle) and the library, computer labs, and rec center are very modern and well-equipped. The campus reflects the community's social climate of acceptance of diversity, "green" and affordable living, and general consideration for other people, animals, and the environment.


The Honors Program! I love being a part of University Honors because I get to write a senior thesis. What's great about PSU is that seniors get to complete a Capstone community project that applies their major skills to giving back to the city.


Going to a school that is downtown is really cool, and the city of Portland has amazing transportation and getting around is so convienient and easy. Also Portland State University has new buildings that are energy effcient and collect rain water for use of water in the building and there are also the Park Blocks which is blocks of beautiful grass and tree's that run through the middle of the campus. In spring, summer, and early fall it is probably one of the most georgous places in Portland.


About how much I am enjoying my time at Portland State University. The campus is great, the professors are fantastic and passionate about their respective fields. There is even a brand new recreation center with four floors filled with basketball courts, a swimming pool, exercise machines galore, and numerous aerobic rooms. One of the most important things that I love here is the atmosphere. It is truly an atmosphere of higher education and I couldn't think of any school that I would rather study at.


There is an excellent push for community service and environmental sustainability. The general studies program promotes interdisciplinary understanding of English, Science and Mathematics as well as the real-world application of each. There are opportunities for good students to mentor in exchange for a tuition waiver starting your junior year. There is also an enormous amount of student diversity and exchange students on the campus, which allows for students interested in different cultures to learn about the experiences of others while sharing their own.


I make sure I tell prospective students and friends that PSU is known for its connections to graduate schools and their high rate of graduates that step right into the career field they ahd intended.


How wonderful the professors on campus are. Whether they are professors, assistant professors, or doctoral candidates, each of them has such a vast ammount of knowledge to offer and a different perspective.


While it may not be a big, and known university, the atmosphere at the school gives students a great feeling. The population of the school is quite diverse with many international students attending the school. In addition, the school is situated near a city, so there are endless possibilities and activities available when students need a quick break from their studies. Another great thing about the school is that it is environmentally conscious, which shows that the students and staff are dedicated to helping the environment and improving the world's future.


I always brag to them about how it is right downtown and in the city. Portland State is not just a secluded college campus and it is spreadout throughout the city and easy to get anywhere. I always explain the transit system and how wonderful it is not to have a car. I always explain how wonderful the city life is.


The campus is really nice to be at, and when you need help it is very easy to find.


When I talk about my school, I typically emphasis the excellent art department that has highly focused themselves on creativity, good design, aesthetics, layout, concept, and cohesion. The art department really cares and looks after their students. I also find the setting a lot less stressful than my previous school, but they still push for the best. The art department encourages learning, experimentation, and practice.


I tell them I go to Portland State University and I take Organic Chemistry with Professor Wamser.