Portland State University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?




This will be my first semester at Portland State, so I am not sure yet.


It is very different compared to most because it is located in the center of the city of Portland. The campus is unique in that it is very spread out around the city, so you can find yourself having class a housing building or a the second floor of a bank. The nice thing is, there is always something to do somewhere nearby and school events are not uncommon.


Portland State is a vary diversity school located in downtown Portland. As I’m a current international student, I feel convenient and safety in PSU. I also work on campus, which is really great job that help me to enhance my leadership ability and build personal community. PSU gives me such a wonderful chance and opportunity to both study and work! To the new student, PSU has many programs and activities that help students not only study toward your degree but also meet lots of friends from everywhere.


I am a native of Portland Oregon so I can say with confidence as seen in sketches and shows such as Portlandia-we are a diverse group of people here. Even then I believe this is understated. I believe it is important to address the city first seeing as Portland State University is located in SW Portland-meaning you will be in close proximity to restuarants featuring food from around the world, art collections and brewerys as well. The only complaint I have regarding my studies would be the lack of vitamin-D. Most days of the year it is wet so bring your umbrella. With this being said this is my ONLY complaint regarding Portland State University. It is the largest public campus here in Oregon without the big college town feel-this isn't to say we dont have pride though! Located in the city you are immersed in the diversity of students but the city dwellers as well. This is great for someone who is comfortable with a large range of diversity-home to many international students. It is important to note we are one of the last remaining schools on the west coast to have a Black Studies Program, and the only one in Oregon.


Perhaps the best thing about PSU is that it is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Portland. This allows students to participate in a nontraditional college experience, filled with endless possibilities. I spend a considerable amount of time on campus at the library, as well as connecting with faculty. The administration at PSU is extremely helpful and supportive, and they are always willing to assist students who seek their guidance.


I really love living in portland and the fact that our campus is a part of downtown portland. It is a very large school, which can be a good thing and a bad thing. If you don't feel like always running into people you know, this is the school for you! At smaller schools there is much more of a community feel where everyone knows everyone and word travels fast, but that doesn't happen as much at PSU. The park blocks is my favorite part of campus, especially in the fall and spring. With all the rain we get in the northwest it pays off in having beautiful flowers and trees! Portland it self is a great city to live in, there's always something to do or go explore, it's very rich with culture.


The best thing about PSU is its location. The professors are great, the classes are enjoyable, and most of the student body is pretty cool (not to mention the food carts); but the real WIN factor is all that downtown Portland has to offer. Portland, Oregon is known for being a home to the eccentric, eclectic, and the weird. It's a wonderful city from which you can learn as much from a walk down a cobbled street and you can from a day of study in a lecture hall. The city is a haven for modern professionals that work in fields from international business, to art, fashion, health care sciences, social services, environmental sciences, and many MANY more. Portland State is an amazing place to study academics, the world, and yourself.


The best thing about PSU is it's location and many programs it provides. PSU is in the conference Big Sky, which isn't the most popular and most active but our athletics are still amazing and we are only just improving each year. PSU is just the right size, you can almost always get to any of your classes within 5-7 minutes from where you are standing. PSU is a sustainability school, so the school is super active in recycling and being environmental. I spend most of my time in the dorms with friends or at Victor's dining hall when I'm on campus. When I tell people I attend Portland State University, they respond with a "Really, that's awesome, how big is your school?" Portland State University is the biggest university in Oregon. Most students complaints is the food at the dining hall because the choices hardly ever change.


The school is located downtown and is walking distance from just about anything you need. There is lots of good quality public transportation on campus. The sports program isnt that big so there isnt a lot of school pride. The business program is real good. The school of business offers a lot of opportunities to get students internships, jobs, and class work that reflects on resumes.


Campus is in the city with a nice urban feel, easy to get to. There are students from all over the world so you hear different languages practically more than English when walking around. It makes it feel like a bigger city like NY which I like, but Portland itself is good too. There is a big age range..I think the average age is 27 or something, which makes things more interesting. The major thing that bugs me is how short the terms are. It's on the quarter system so the regular school year is 3 10-week terms and they go by really fast.


The best thing about Portland State University is the city itself. Portland is a well planned and beautiful place to be. everything a college student would need is within walking distance. I feel like the PSU campus is the perfect size. i have been to campus' like UW and this school is a lot more walker friendly. Not only is it the right size, but whoever planned the campus is very talented in that the school is part of the city. If it weren't for the signs and Portland State University emblems, you wouldn't even know you were on a school campus. I, personally, love spending time in the Park Blocks. I love that this city and school put a little piece of land aside for nature. If i could change anything it would be the amount of restaurants that accept the PSU meal plan dining dollars. with the exception of that there is really nothing wrong with this beautiful place.