Portland State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


AP US History is super hard compared to the classes I take here. I took APUSH my Junior year and it caused several stress-fuelled breakdowns. Here, my hardest class is biology. Well, they call it biology, everyone else calls it how to use Microsoft Excel.


Social activist fit perfectly in portland State. Anyone who had a strong passion in life will always have place at psu.


Business majors.


Portland State University is a school of diversity. Not only are there many foreign students, and students of a wide range of ethnic and social backgrounds, but the age and life-stage of students is just as varied. I would recommend PSU to any student who enjoys collaborating with people from different backgrounds, and would be interested in interacting with someone far different than themselves. Last term I had a business class, where I sat between someone from Qatar, and someone from Texas. We all three became great friends, and brought different sets of experiences to group discussions.


I think the perosn that should attend this school are the liberally-inclined. This school is very accepting of people who are any sexual orientation or any race and the school is very accepting of people who are more artistically inclined as well. They pride themselves on having a pretty big focus in the arts and that's really exciting to see.


There is no 'kind' of person that should attend PSU. All people interested in an enviromentaly savvy, pedestrian friendly, all accepting learning community should read up on Portland State. Anyone can flourish at PSU if they apply themselves, and anyone can establish themselves in Portland if they wish.


Someone who loves being in the city and being around a lot of people. Portland is a strange but wonderful place, and those with open minds will love it.


Portland State has a higher average age than must public universities. It also has a high number of transfer students. PSU is good for students who live in the suburbs, or with family, as it is located in the middle of the city, with easy access. Being in Portland, it is an environmentally friendly campus, and is fairly relaxed, overall.


A person who is seeking to live in middle of the beauty of the city of Portland should attend Portland State University.


A person who is open minded and enjoys the outdoors. There is a lot of diversity amont people and thats great, there are also a lot of outdoor activities to take advantage of.


A serious student should attend PSU


Anyone seeking a quality education should attend this school. The campus is great, the professors so far have been fantastic. The school obviously isn't Harvard, but not even on the low-end of U. of Phoenix. The school is set right in downtown Portland but as soon as you step on the campus, you feel as if you are out of the city and on an exclusive college campus. All the classrooms I have been in are equipped with state-of-the art equipment like projectors, computers and camera projectors.


Anyone that is open, accepting, and willing to try new things would be gleefully welcomed into this community and school. It is sometimes called 'the enlightened city'. I would not recommend anyone with bias or prejudices to attend. People willing to embrace a new way of living, thinking, and communicating should give Portland a try. I would recommend it to those social and withdrawn alike. There will always be someone here that a student could relate to, not matter how quirky the student is.


The city of Portland is renowned for its uniqueness, and this also pertains to the city's students. Portland State is an ideal college for students who want to make good and serve in the world they live in. The motto of the school is "Let knowledge serve the city", and that very motto is best suited for students who care about where the world is headed and are concerned with the future of sustainability and humanity.


All people, regardless of sex, age or class who desire knowledge in service of the greater good.


The kind of person that should attend Portland State University is the person that wants that urban atmosphere in a collegiate environment. Portland is known for it's constant overcast skies but Portlanders don't seem to mind the dreary weather. The campus gives off an aura of academic excellence with it's library constantly filled with students studying. A person that would enjoy PSU is dedicated to the idea of sustainability and caring for the environment. Finally, those who would enjoy Portland want the urban feel of a city but like the character of a small town.


The kind of people who attend Portland State University are determined and bright minds. The average age of those attending PSU is higher than that of many universities, and so there is a greater variety then at other schools. There is also quite a few transfer students, and many internationals students.


People who want to learn and study in a school that is surrounded by city. The city is a busy place and can be overwhelming for some, so those that are capable of learning and staying focused while being in a highly distracting area should thin about attending this university.