Portland State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


This is not the best school for ambitious people who want to take charge of their own educations. While attending as a full-time student, I was also working full-time; however, this was difficult as I had some professors who would schedule additional class activities at times outside of our normal class time. In addition, I had to debate the advising department on a quarterly basis for permission to take an above average number of courses per term. Most of my classmates did not work and were taking smaller courseloads, and I felt out of place amongst my peers.


Someone who is interested in meeting new people who are exactly like themselves


Bigots and assholes.


Some who isn't focused or is unsure of their career choice


The kind of person who wants to party, wants to be involved in campus activites, who is in it for the social aspect is a student who should not attend PSU.


Someone who wants the stereotypical college experience would not want to attend this "commuter" school.


Anyone who is not open minded should not attend portland state university because they will be confronted with so many new issues that they may not be comfortable confronting or talking about. Everyone at Portland State is very comfortable with expressing themselves, whether it be expressing their sexual orientation, political/ religious views, ideas on how they want to change the world, or what they want to acheive from life.


A student looking for a traditional "college" experience. This school is a commuter school. No one just hangs out here. There are no big, successful sports teams. There is not a school spirit vibe. The student that would do best here are the ones very academically focused.


It is not a party school. Although people do party here, but not as much. People really care about their environment here. So, if you're not a tree hugger, you'll have a tough because people really do care about their enviroment and community.


A person who doesn't like diversity. There is so mucg diversity here and so many backgrounds. Person who does not like to get involved should not go to this school, in at least once class you will be doing something big that will allow you to interact with other people from different places.


If you are extremely liberal, want a degree in something that will never get you a job, are vegan, and a weird portland hipster/artist type, this is a good fit.


A person who expects a lot of help. Being indepepndent is the number one thing that I did not expect and I kind of need more help around there.


Someone who is uncomfortable around a diverse setting. (age, race, gender, religious preference.) Also, someone who does not enjoy the rain, because Portland is a very rainy city.


Any type pf person can attend this school and fit right in. Portland State University is such a diverse University , actually it's main goal is for it's students to be as diverse as they can.


People shouldn't attend if they want to belong to the Greek System, since one doesn't exist at this school. They also shouldn't attend if they want to be anonymous in their classes.


Portland is the perfect place for those who are creative, open-minded, and eager to try new things. PSU is not the ideal school for close-minded, conservative, and strict religious individuals.


someone who is capable of self teaching and who is well disciplined. there are a lot of students in the classes and teachers are not always able to give attention to everyone. they need to be outgoing and be sure to be assertive to insure that they get what they need out of the class and experience.


PSU is a good school for all types of students.


This school is very good for anyone interested in liberal arts, music, active discussions, environmental and community based activities, and anyone who loves to use their creative mind. People who are good at facts and numbers will not have such wide range of opportunities. Also, people who have no interest in the environment or giving back to the community will find that it is incorporated into many aspects of this school, and is held very central to the school's main concerns with student involvement.