Portland State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Housing options are a little expensive close to campus.


Nothing really.


The most frustrating thing about Psu would be their financial aid system. If you drop a class, it nearly takes until the end of the quarter to process your tuition refund, even if your account knows how much money to give back to you within days.


It is a very big school having over 28000 students so being independent is a must, there are advisors but it takes time to get a meeting. You must help yourself even when scheduling classes because you have to do it online, you cannot come to someone and talk to them while they can access your classes and change it for you.


I chose my school because it was one of the closest to home, but it is still out-of-state. I am bothered by how much more I have to pay to go to an Oregon school as a Washington State resident, even though I am closer to Portland State than most Washington schools. I am also annoyed at how far I have to drive to get to school I live about 40 minutes away with no traffic, and I spend a lot of money on gas.


The most frustrating aspect of my experience at Portland State University was the acceptance of mediocrity among the student body. It is entirely possible for a student to submit sub-par work throughout their time at this university and still graduate. However, for those with higher expectations for themselves this environment can encourage the development of a high degree of self-discipline.


It is hard to meet professor because I am busy and they are busy. It is hard to match the time.