Portland State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


In school and life the key to success, is to love yourself, be yourself, give yourself a break, find yourself, make time for yourself, and keep yourself psychologically healthy. If you cannot keep yourself healthy then you cannot serve your community. If you commit to too much, then you will overwhelm yourself. Go out and find what you enjoy. When everyday life becomes too much, give yourself a break, it's okay. In the end, this is your time, your life, your breathe, so be yourself. Finally, love who and what you are and find others that do to.


i would not have taken out student loans


I wish I had known what work study opportunities there were and if I could get them.


I wish I had known more about the student run career/advice center. I heard about it after I had graduated and how it was a great help to many of the students there.


If you don't come with a clear goal and plan to make professor relationships, you may struggle later on when trying to find someone who knows you as a student (e.g. for a letter of recommendation).


How really nice of an environment it would be. also there are not a lot of options for food on campus after a certain time at night. There is also not a lot of healthy options anymore to eat. The food could always be better but it is a college caferteria. Also how some dorms maybe crammed more than others.


To sign up for even more classes! They are not as hard as I had thought. There is a lot of work but also helpful teachers and resources.


Before attending Portland State University, I wish I had known


Campus has expanded a lot, much bigger than I had thought it would be.


I wish I would have understood the loans I was taking out. I was signing promissory notes and didn't fully grasp the significance of the amounts.


I wish someone had told me that we can change/ drop classes without any fee.


It would have been nice if I had known how friendly most people were at this college. Many of the professors are quite helpful too. College can be so intimidating, but the transition to this college has not been overly difficult for me.


That there are University Studies requirements that you have to complete at PSU which other schools do not require.


I wish I had known before I came to Portland State University that it was filled with very open-minded, fun- loving people. I wish I knew that this school was jam-packed with people of very diverse ethnic background and religion; especially from my own kind. Therefore, I will feel very welcomed there. This school is filled with different kinds of student resources for all the diverse needs that a student might need. It also has many great opportunities for students, such as work-study grants, free scholarships, and many advisors for the different needs and fields of study.


I wish I had known more about how to register and what classes I need to be taking for my major so that I was more prepared for registration and planning the classes I would be taking.


How easy it was to enroll and how cool it would be to attend there. I waited too long to apply.


I had no idea how difficult and demanding my major would be.


I am a commuter. I wish that I had known the amout of time it would take me to trek to school each day and the physical toll I would have to endure. I wish that I had known that the majority of my classmates were going to be twice my age or post baccalaureates. I also wish I had know the diffenence between semester schools and quarter schools.


I wish I would have known the social activities of the school. There isn't too much going on socially and it would have been nice to know that Portland state isn't your traditional/stereotypical college. Also I would have liked to know the cost of rent in the surrounding areas so I could save up more money in the past to help with my financial situation.


To take every class seriously and to really go to the professors office hours regularly. It can be extremely beneficial, and the networking can be essential to your future.


Every student should know before attending a university that time management is crucial. A concise and clear understanding of your professors expectations along with a student's time management is essential for success in higher education. Portland State is an urban campus and many people commute, but by no means does that mean there is a lack of community. Students seeking community and extracurricular activities are not lacking in resources, but do have to seek these resources out. The campus is beautiful and exploration of the area is a must.


I wish I had known how big it was. Portland State spans 15 blocks throughout downtown Portland, and it can be hard getting to class on time. Especially since you have to navigate lights and walk/dont walk signs. I narrowly miss death every day.


I wish I had known what kinds of financial aid were available to me, and had a clearer understanding of what kind of degree program would suit me best.