Portland State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Portland State University is the diversity in age and direction of the students. I sailed on JV and Varsity teams and our team would often get called the "motley crew". We would all just laugh and smile at how different our team was from all of the other teams, we had so much variety in age, color, gender and background -- there is so much to learn from the students at PSU.


Variety of degree programs and integration into a large city.


There are many courses available and scheduling is a lot easier than it was at the school I transferred from. Also the location is right in the city, and the public transportation is great. The professors I've had so far are easy to talk to and seem really interested in their respective fields.


it was academicaly chalenging


Being situated in the center of a city like Portland means that there are always things to do nearby.


The best thing about Portland State is its location in Portland. If you get tired of being on campus it is a simple matter of taking the MAX rail or the streetcar or a bus to get anywhere in the surrounding Multnomah County. Although campus itself is quite lovely with the park blocks located right outside the library. There are plenty of great places to study out in the sun on a warm spring day.


I think the best thing about the school is the fact that no matter what the class is, there is some professor that is engaging. Some teachers usually know what there talking about and the people that do are very engaging and want to see you succeed. I think that the sassier the teacher is and the one that is willing to connect with me on a deeper level is a teacher that I want to work with and do well in their class because of.


They focus on creating well-rounded students in a number of fields. If a student studies Engineering, they must take English courses, and if a student studies English, they must take a science/math course.


The bes thing about my school is accessability; the downtown location and open campus allow for greater discovery and exploration.


The best feature about PSU is its location. Located downtown Portland, it makes it easier to get connections for your future career. No matter what your major is, It's possible to get a job related to your major.


Portland State is in the middle of downtown Portland, so it is great for people who don't want college to be their life, just a part of it.


The best thing about Portland State is the diversity, community involvement, their commitment to environmental awareness and their unwavering attention to their students. Portland State doesn't feel like school in the sense of staring at blackboards and memorizing lessons. It is an interactive environment, where people learn and grow in groups as well as individuals. On my first visit to PSU I felt like one of the gang. I went to choir practice, opera rehearsal, and the weekly soloist concert. PSU is a learning community, a wonderful community that I can not wait to engage myself with.


The best thing about Portland State University is that it caters to students of all ages. A student that was 75 years old would not feel out of place here.


One of the best aspects of being a student to Portland State University is how easy-going the campus feels. There is a lot to do because of the downtown location and people are just free to be themselves. With the location being so convenient, there is plenty to do on campus but when that gets old you can travel by Street Car to experience more of downtown. I like that PSU is not known for being a party school because I get the sense that people are more serious about their education.


The best thing about my school is the helpful counselors that we have. I have gone to them for advice many times and they have always been very helpful and informative. It is very important for a college to employ helpful people that are a positive influence on the students.


To me, the best thing about my school is the location. It is located right in the heart of downtown Portland. The campus itself is in the city and there is always things going on. Also, if you live on campus having a car isn't really necessary, because there is so much free transportation. It can however, be a pain if you want to go outside city limits or not have to rely on the city's transportation schedule. Also I love how diverse everyone is and how it's okay to be different.


The students here mostly come from a background where they have taken some time off to pursue other things. The average student age is 27 and it is a commuter campus, so the maturity level is a bit different than at most colleges.


That they are able to provide a good school enviroment and professors who are interested in the success of their students for a resonable tuition. Their are many students who need to go to school or want to go back to school but are worried about exspenses and Portland State provides that oppurtunity with excellent schooling.


The best thing about PSU is the variety of majors offered, which in turn brings a variety of students to the campus.


The best thing about Portland State University is that it is based in a convenient location that is close to so many things. This is because it is located right in the middle of downtown Portland where there are many shopping areas, delicious restaurants, office buildings and most importantly easy and nearby access to Tri-met transit lines. It allows its students and faculty the chance to experience an education, in an environment where they can accomplish their dreams and goals. A place where knowledge is created treasured and learned.


The best thing about Portland State University is the support that you get from your professors. PSU is known for being one of the most diverse schools in America. Here at Portland State new friendships can be formed through the many groups that this University sponsors. I love Portland State University because it is located in the middle of the city where there is always something new just around the corner. Portland State cares about our environment through sustainability and informing us the students about the events that go on through history. At PSU you can see a brighter future.


The best thing about my school is that it has a very diverse student body and is exceptionally accepting to all types of people. Also, the school has many great educational facilities expanding from all types of career fields. Portland State University is green and beautiful, as it sits right in the heart of downtown Portland. There are plenty of opportunities awaiting students at this school.


There's a lot of diversity around campus, in terms of students' & faculty's ethnicities, as well as the activities and social options available. For just about any type of interest anyone has, there is a club or organization for it. If there isn't, it's fairly easy to start up a new group. Also, being integrated with downtown Portland, it's easy to find commercial activity, as well as feel at home, all with within close proximity.


The best thing about my school is the diversity of the student body as well as the faculty. There is never the feeling like you're sticking out like a sore thumb in Portland, Oregon. The relaxed but focused feeling in every classroom is the perfect setting for engaging classroom discussions without feeling like all eyes are on you. The instructors and professors make all students feel like equals who all have equally important ideas and input.


I love the smaller, intimate classes that PSU offers. It encourages enlighening discussions. Because of the smaller classes, the teachers seem to be much more invested in the learning of students. They have a passion for what they teach and they spread that around the classroom.


I did my bachelor's at Portland State University. I am currently enrolled in Marylhurst University for my MBA program. Both schools environment has been very student friendly. Both schools always appreciate and value the students for choosing to continue their education, as it is one of the main important factors for the future of our country and the world. They have always offered so many programs to support students to continue their education, when they face many obstacles in their lifes.


The people at Portland State are the best thing about the school. This is because the people are so diverse and each person has their own ingredient to making the campus unique and simply one of a kind. The diverse interests foster a drive to be something different and be true to who you are. At the same time, a bond is encouraged between each person regardless of any differences.


It is located at downtown. It is one of the few universities that is at urban city area. I love that I can get everything I need around campus, for school and to just hang out with my friends!


it is right downtown portland.


The campus is in the middle of the city which means there is always something going on.


Portland State offers a wide variety of programs, and the professors are professionals in their fields. It is the advice and availability of professors here that make this school so wonderful.


Since it is a university, I am able to attain my bachelor's degree in my major and get a complete education. I also enjoy knowing I am learning from very intelligent instructors and am being fairly graded. I am specifically enjoying my language classes which have an excellent method of instruction : full immersion, which I think is the best way to learn a language.


This school is in the heart of Portland Oregon making it possible to be involved in anything you could dream of being involved in, it is very diverse in every way imaginable, and the school and surrounding city is very enviromentally conscious. It is a wonderful school and I would suggest to anyone who is unsure of their college choice. I never feel like I am out of place because everyone here is allowed to be openly creative and express themselves.