Post University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who likes small amounts of students in classes and one on one experiences.


Anyone looking for a great education, on campus, or, online.


Anyone who loves to socialize and build strong friendships should come to this school. This school is all about making everyone feel comfortable with who they are and what they have to bring into our community. This school is all about celebrating diversity so whoever loves to be diverse should also come to this school. If sports or staying active is your life then you will make many friends at this university. If you are looking to be part of loving family then you need to go to Post University because that is how this university is like.


Students who work hard and will do whatever it takes to succeed. Post offeres a variety of oppurtunities to get a better understanding of your courses. Students who take advantage of the learning center, library, and student educators will completely understand their course work and college life.


When considering what type of person should attend Post University, I say that a person who is career oriented or establishes high goals and aspirations for himself/herself.