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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


As a high school senior, I was doubt ridden and incredibly fearful of how my life would turn out after high school. With that in mind, I would counsel myself to stop and look at the economic environment that I'm in. I would counsel myself to do this because when I finally did it as a high school graduate, I found out what my real dream was. You see, I love my hometown, in all of its lack of youth culture, bad economy, homelessness problems, and glorious lack of overall purpose. And I love technology, video games, and all of the things that have traditionally been sidelined by the leadership of my hometown. So when I finally thought about where I wanted to live, and what I wanted to do with my life, I discovered that I wanted to stay in my hometown and improve it. I want to found a video game development company with the brightest minds of backwater city, and make it great. I want Madera, my hometown, to be recognized as my origin. My goal is to honor my family, and my city. And I will do anything to make that possible.


To my senior self, do not wait to pursue higher education. It gets harder the longer you wait. Give deep thought to what you want to achieve in life and do everything you can to make it happen. Stay focused and don't get swayed by those who are not there to futher their education. Do not get mixed up with people who would hold you back, including those who only want to socialize and party. I know it seems like going straight to college is just an extension of school, in which you've already spent 12 years, college is so much more than that. It will open your eyes to all sorts of opportunities and areas you never considered. During your first year or two, focus on the core requirements, but also take courses that will expand your mind and give you more options when it comes to deciding what you want to do with your life. Keep in mind that what you want today may not be what you want in 20 years, so get a well-rounded education. And most of all, keep at it until you get your degree!


I would take as many classes as I can in a semester so I could finish school alot sooner.


If I could go back and talk to my high school self, the message I would give to myself is to not take things for granted. I did just leave high school a few months ago, and I'm trying to adjust. I would go back and tell myself to stop taking things for granted, because in the real world, time is all we really have. taking time for granted just slowed me down and taking opportunities for granted means that I probably wont find another one for another thousand years. Not everything is handed to you, I would say, doing the minimum amount of work wont get you by anymore. You have to woman up, and take some responsibility. When the real world hits, it hits hard.


The advice I would give my younger , high school self is to see an advisor before enrolling in random classes. I made that mistake and the result has cost me being in school for a longer period of time. I would also advise myself to try harder to apply for more scholarships. As a high school student, you've heard college is expensive, but you never knew just how much until you've attended. Lastly, I would remind myself of how important your GPA is and how important it is to obtain a high one. I graduated high school with a 4.0 but unforunately allowed myself to drop to a 2.54. College is so much easier with a higher GPA, and you will learn more as well.


Hey Robin, I want to talk with you. I know that you are doubtful that you are college material. You doubt that you could ever go and actually graduate. Like somehow you are not worthy of attending college, furthering yourself. Well you are wrong. College is not threatening at all. Depending on your degree interest, there are so many choices available, and if you are not sure what you want to settle on, you can always go and begin with the basics. Take the classes you will need, then later focus on where you want to be. You absolutely have the ability to attend school and graduate with a degree. It is never too late to go, and you have a little while to make your final career decision. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Get a jump start on it so that you are not a 38 year old woman trying to get college kick started. Do it now while you have the energy to pull all nighters doing homework. Have a little faith in yourself because I do.


I would tell myself that the community colleges get full really fast and it's going to take a lot of patients so try not to get discouraged about it and find a way to get around it. The transition will take some getting used to but you'll get through it with all the help from family, friends and some other people. The long classes in high school pay off in college cause the classes are longer then they were in middle school. You also have to make sure you force yourself to go to class cause it’s not like it is in high school. You are responsible for your own attendance not your parents or teacher.


Study as hard as you can, and score high on your sat's and act's.


I would tell myself to take the college life slow. Study as much as possibe because there is no doing this over. I would also say to live life each and everyday.


I would say, take on the critics and be inspired to make a difference. Now that I am in college, I wish I let the haters, hate, and let them push me so I could've got into a four year university. I love college life. I believe when I was in high school, you had to be there, unlike college. I chose to go to college because I knew if I kept walking down the path I was going, I would never be successful. I have realized being in high school, the environment was just so hostile. No student wanted to be there, and the teachers were just obligated to give you a letter grade. Now that I'm in college, I have realized people are there for a reason, and the professors there, want to help you. The advice I'd give myself would be suck it up, get through it, and always come out on top. There's nothing more beautiful than accepting and loving who you are as a person. To believe in myself takes a lot of courage, but I know success will be there waiting for me.


College is the most important step you will be able to take out of high school. Moving out is not necessarily what your focus should be as you will have plenty of time to live on your own as life progresses, especially if you find a college program away from home that really peaks your interest. Research is the key to success at finding the career you will actually be interested in pursuing. From what you have seen and assumed in high school about potential careers you have seen so little. There are many careers that are not so widely known, nor so easily considered. Think of what your passions are not just what you think will be a money maker. To be happy and a real positive force in the career you choose you must be passionate about it so you may commit to what you must! College opens more doors to your potential and introduces you to new people and opportunities. The resources are there to help you succeed along the way academically and financially if you only seek them out. The opportunities you are bound to find may be more exciting and easy than you imagine.


I would tell myself to keep my eye on the prize. This is my third attempt at school and this will be my last. I lived on campus years ago and did good my first year but after the second year I got involved in campus life. Also I would have applied for scholarships to aid in my education. Loans and interest rates are very high. I would also tell myself to be prepared.


If I went back in to time I would tell myself take high school serious. Keep yourself organize and join clubs. I would tell myself to get more involve nd focus on school more. I was a really shy person so I wouldn't join clubs or participate in class. I always kept to myself and a really quite person. I wish I participated more in high school.


Confidence. When I graduated high school I disliked school and went right into the working world. After a year or so I was tired of my low paying job. I started working on my associates degree. Being the stubborn person I am I wouldn't accept any help from my parents or relatives. I put myself through college and worked anywhere from 1 to 3 jobs to fund it. I finally got my associates degree in May of 2010 (about 8 years later). During this 8 years I also started a family. I have a wonderful 2 year old son who is my main motivation for continuing my education. I want him to grow up and succeed and know what his mother went through and that he can oversome anything! The feeling that I got after walking that stage and bursting into tears I wanted to keep going. I am now pursuing my Bachelor's Degree in Business Management. I have never felt more proud!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior. I would tell myself to make sure i have a credit card so that when it's time for me to get loans for college I would have a good credit score by then so I wouldn't have any problems with loans to help me with school like how I'm having now. Are I would make sure to have a second option like the Army Reserve that way I can go to school while have money to help and also the benefit of the Army.


I remember when I was in high school, it was a blast. Some days weren?t very happy, but most of my high school experience was filled with great memories. I just wish better advice was given to me. If I could go back to myself in high school I would tell myself to take school work seriously and make more out of the experience. I would have told myself to finish assignments soon as possible and to ask teachers for help a lot more often. I?d mention to study more and to set time aside for studying because it would have helped. The second thing I would tell myself to do is to talk to more people and not get caught up in clich?s or stereotypes. I would lastly tell myself to forgive others, not to judge others, and to give everyone a chance to be my friend. Although I made a few mistakes, my high school experience was so indescribable. I learned so much about myself that I never knew. Reading, writing, and listening are great ways to grow, but learning from our mistakes is what being in high school is all about.


First of all, you're not going to be around your normal crowd of friends and this can be nerve wrecking. However, keep in mind that most freshmen students are going through the same thing, and you will make friends with everyone before you know it. Secondly, college is a great investment and you need to save up for tuition, books and required equipment or clothing. Plan ahead, get your Financial Aid completed as soon as possible and search for as many scholarships as you can. Talk to your financial aid planner concerning how you will pay for school. Take time to consider whether or not to live on campus. I suggest living on campus where all the resources you need are right at your finger tips. If you choose to commute you have to calculate the additional money you will be spending on gas and meals. Most important, class times and class work is mcuh different than high school. Classes are spread throughout the day and the work is intense. Give yourself study and homework time in a designated area to complete all of your work, your grades will depend on it!


I would say Tabitha, in your freshman year of college, there are going to be so many things you will learn. There are going to be challenges and struggles that you wouldn?t think you would encounter, but you will, because you don?t know yourself fully. People will test you, and help mold you into a person you don?t know now. You just have to be confident in what you already know about yourself. Don?t let anyone change you unless it is to better yourself. You are already a good person, don?t forget that!.....Oh and study better on how to take notes, you aren't going to do so well in history.


If i could take a step back in life, i would have challenged myself to alot more possibilities including self-motivation.When things got rough in my studies i should have went to somebody of higher learning and got help. Another thing i would have changed or made better,would have been my study habits because thats something that alot of us as students through out school have difficulty with. Some of the advice i would have given myself never be a FOLLWER,but be a LEADER. Something i know a little about all colleges are that, they look at your grades and if your grades coming up aren't good, then how do you expect them to want you as a part of their student body. College life is an experience that your going to carry for the rest of your life but you cant tell yourself what you SHOULD OF,COULD OF,WOULD OF,but DIDN'T do in high school, because its too late to turn back. I WOULD have done alot but the only thing i would have changed was my self-motivation because that hindered me to be smarter than i knew i could be.


I would tell myself to just stay calm and relax because everyone gets nervous even students who have been with the school for a year or two. Every new semester gives out new challenges and it takes adjusting again to a new schedule, new teacher, and new workload. The administration at the colleges are very helpful and friendly and will assist if any problems or questions arise. It is definitely a different and new experience but it is fun and rewarding. Just have to make sure you are ready to make sacrifices in order to have a prosperous school year. Once you get a set schedule down with when you want to do your school work, the rest of the time can be used to hang out with friends and have fun. You definitely need down time where you can take school off your mind otherwise you get burnt out but having a set schedule makes it a lot easier. Overall, it is a great experience and the lessons you learn stay with you for future endavers.


The first thing I would tell myself is that I shouldn't go to Naugatuck Valley Community College. Naugtuck Valley has a really poor organization and communication system. First of all, the school is a maze. Some of the classrooms aren't labeled which makes it really hard to find what I was looking for. The teachers also teach the material at a fast pace. I have a learning disability and i learn material at a much slower pace. Anytime I asked the teacher to slow down, the teacher would just look at me and say nothing. Then the teacher would once again teach quickly. When I tried to ask for tutoring, none of the tutors would steer me in the right direction, which would still leave me confused. Also, when I try to send emails to any of my professors asking a question or preparing for my next semester, I would not get any answers or if I do get a response, it wouldn't even matter at that point. I would tell myself to just go to Post University right away. It would save me from a lot of stress and my future would be much better.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, and knowing now about college life and making the transition, the advice I would give myself is setting goals for myself to become the best student; also not to forget my purpose for attending college; that is to focus on my career goals.


The advice that i would give to myself would be to visit the college you are planning to attend before deciding to go there.


i would have to say: look for a school that has all of your interests. Try a small school because the ratio from professor to students will be higher. Its always good to ask questions when you dont understand because if you dont help yourself then no one will! its ok to have fun, just make sure that your work is done a head of time. For example if u have a paper do next week, do it when yoy first get the assignment. That way you dont have to worry about it when its time to hand it in and it will be done on time. Take advantage of your tutors even if you know every thing or almost. Its always good to better yourself in your courses. Most of all, stay on top of the game. Dont get cought in the college life that everyone loves because it wont get you no where but back home wit your parents. Go to school for yourself and NO ONE else!


I will them to pick five schools and make sure that they did there homework on each school, to go to the school that has something you love: like football, acting, baseball, math, english, does not matter what you like if they have go for it. If you feel better in a small school, look for one and if it's a big one fine look for one. Find things you love, does matter what if the school has it , apply to that school. good luck it is a major pain looking for the right school but once you find it, it would all be worth it.


College is a highly individualized experience. Parents should begin to assist their children by nurturing and asking them questions about their goals, aspirations, comforts and desires while honestly listening to what they have to say. Parents should encourage their children to strive to achieve those goals, while guiding and supporting them. Every person has different strengths to capitalize upon. A student should work to learn about themselves. What do they enjoy; what are they good at? This process will aid them in their discovery of programs and schools that best match their interests, goals, needs and lifestyle. Although grades are important, college is about learning. A student should focus on learning and absorbing all they can, asking any and all questions. Advisors and staff are more than willing to help students find their way. There are an immense number of schools and programs with options to fit every person's needs including in-classroom, online, study-abroad and day, evening and weekend classes with majors in every imaginable area of study. With such a wealth of opportunities, there is a college and program where every person can recognize their own personal dreams of success.


Start early to submit appilcation and financial aid. Look for colleges that offer a good package with scholarship


The right college is going to be the one that offers the degree that you are looking for. To have fun in college you have to stay focused on your education. If you let all of the surrounding social activities interefere, you will be in college for 8 years instead of 4. It's hard to find a school that suits you best, but think about where you will learn and grow the most and choose that school.


Vist the college and ask a lot of questions. Take the time to interact with students and staff to really get the feel of the school before attending.


In September of 2005 I decided to resume my college education after a fifteen year hiatus. I was concerned that either my grades or my earnings would suffer, but the risk was necessary as I was dedicated to earning my degree. In relation to my studies I have been able to use the many practices and experiences of my fifteen year work career to better understand course content and use my dedication of earning a degree as a tool to further not only my profession, but also my studies. In hindsight I properly identified my need of earning a degree to further my career and developed alternative plans to achieve this goal by using the time and resources available wisely. The choice was made to pursue a higher education after carefully reviewing scenarios and talking matters over with other people who have gone through the same process. Once this plan to further my education was implemented I kept a watchful eye on time allocation, resources I would need to properly blend the two forces and minimize consequences on any one aspect, and made sure any responsibilities I had were met and given the proper attention.


Just find what feels right to you. If you walk into a school and you feel at home or welcome than that is the one for you. If you walk in and feel rushed or pushed around and not very welcome then most likely you don't want to attend there.


I would tell parents and students to do enough research on the college before you make your final decision. Attending orientation is a must and ask students about their experiences about the school before you go there.


i love post


nothing really just make sure you know at least a direction you want to travel in and how much time and things are you willing to devote post is a small school but no one is there to hold your hand its sink or swim and you better hope you can swim cause that is a lot to money to be throwing away