Prairie View A & M University Top Questions

What are the academics like at Prairie View A & M University?


All of my professors know me well one because i make sure i am Engaged in class and my name is kind unique. My favorite class is Animal Scince because I enjoy learning about animals and the Professors is really cool. I spend most of my time studying, unless i am in class or hoilday breaks. Well in most of the class i am taking partcipation common and it calculate on class average. Yes, most students have intellectua conversation outside of class. Yes, Definitely most students are competitive and i think that is one of the reason that we work hard. The most Unique class i took is called IREAD. My first semester i was undecided,but i know have one and it is Agriculture. Yes!! I spend time with all of my professors and i make sure they get to know me and i get to know them. Also when i need extra help. The school academic Reuirements are fair, but they need to work a little on the Thea test. The education in Prairie View A&M University definitely geared toward getting a job the shcool alumuns are one of the example.


I enjoy the academic atmosphere at Prairie View. For myself, the engineering curriculum has been more than tough, but rewarding as well. Even though classes are rigorous it is natural for the class to join together and help each other study and understand the material even outside of class. We are truly one big family. Professors tend to know you by name and do whatever they can to help you out. Class is often fun and even in stressful times we pull together.


Prairie View A&M Universities academics are very high because we get accredited every year.