Prairie View A & M University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


people party ALOT, but at the same time, majority of them makes sure they get their work done first. The most popular organizations on campus are those that are involved with the football or those involved with the campus.


BSAM and the Band I am involved in Halo,go green,ASA and NSCS No, I have not seen that because it is against the school dorm rules. Athletic events are very popular specially Basketball and football. Also the guest speakers,which we calle it spit knowledge. Since PV has mosr girls than guys . The ratio is not balanced so that has affect a little the dating scene. I actaully meet my closest friends from high school and she is my roommate. Working on my English eassy ,project and studying for exam. the school homecoming There is almost like every day party going on, even though it is not in the school So most of the students party a lot. Fraternities are very very improtant because one they are really necessary once we graduate. Last weekend i was studying for my mid-term exams. I usually have a movie night in my dorm or my friends dorm. Shoping and movies with my friends.


The most popular student groups are CAB and intramural sports. CAB is the campus activities board, CAB goes to all events to show support and panther pride. Intramural sports are all sports within the University College ranging from Track to Volleyball.