Prairie View A & M University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When dicussing my university, I tend to brag mostly about the travrl opportunites I have earned.


When I tell my friends about my school I brag about the learning environment we have and how everyone is friendly.


I'm VERY PROUD to be a student at Prairie View and I'm proud to be a biology major. I have learn and enjoyed having a lot of pride in my school and myself. I'm glad I was able to go to college. The campus is very beautiful and the staff is professional and care about you and want you to be successful in your education and life in general. My school is a learning environment.


I brag on the fact that we are a historical black university and was founded 1876.


That Prairie View helps make successful people and that when you leave you will have more knowledge then you had when you entered the institution. And that the staff makes you feel welcomed into the college life if you are a transfer are a incoming freshman.


I brag to my friends that I have a greater chance to receive an career once I graduate from college, and Prairie View Unviersity produces productive people.


The reltionship between the students and the professors. They really care and offer their help. Very generous.


My school has one of the top nursing programs in Texas.


One thing I brag about most when telling others about my school is its excellent Nursing program. I a myself am a nursing major and we hav very high standards at our university for our nurses. Another thing I brag about my university is our beautiful campus out in the country. Also as Black student attending an HBCU we have a sense of growth prospering on what used to be a plantation. Each day on the my campus is a constant reminder of our growth. Togather we over came racism and showed the world the brilliance of our minds.


When I talk to my friends about Prairie View University I like to tell my friends about the great teachers we have, the teachers at Prairie View care about the students unlike many other teachers that I've had in my time.


I mostly talk about upcoming events which revolve around parties, parties, and parties hosted by fraternaties and other self-made party organizations formed current students, former students, or aliens to the campus. I also brag about the crime issue that the on-campus police have no control over. It seems like every month i come out of class, other fellow classmate of mine has been jumped, or shot to death.


I brag about the parties, the games, and the learning enviroment.


When I brag about my school it is about the pride of just being a student there. It is so much to rag on it's hard to choice one topic. The people at the school are so helpful and positive. The professors are willing to work with the students to make sure they succeed. There are lots of activities that the students can get involved in to keep them busy. There is also good religious groups availiable to keep students spiritually balanced.


The parties are great!


I dont...


I like to brag about the women the most. Prairie View A&M University has a reputation of having some the most beautiful black women in Texas. I have visited over 20 different college campuses in the great state of texas and i'm convinced Prairie View women are the finest and the brightest. They are very out going , sociable, and are very smart.


I tell my friends about the good food we have all the time. My school has so many activities and it seems like there is always something going on and i love that. I tell my friends about the new friends that i havve made and how people at my school are really friendly. I love my classes because im actually learning about things that i am interested in. So its really cool to be doing that. Overall my school is pretty great. I know i made a good choice by going there and i wouldnt change that.