Prairie View A & M University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Prairie View A & M University?


A party person or someone who is not focused enough on their education should not attend this school because they will get side tracked.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is every normal teenager. This school is ranked as the best HBCU in the world but it's not even worth it. There's NOTHING out here. I want to cry sometimes because of my dislike for the non-fun events offered around institution. I know that it's the best HBCU so this is why I stay. People who don't like to have fun or go places should attend this school.


I would personally advise those who arent fully committed to the school not to attend. Though the school is a little smaller and easier to get into the academics can quickly swallow up someone who isnt fully prepared to tackle things such as essay, projects, and all nighters. At some point to complete a major at this school you are going to have to sacrafice time and social time to complete tasks assigned to you and that takes a solid committment to your studies and work.


I feel as though someone who just wants to get away from home should not attend this school. Because they will misuse every ounce of freedom they get


I believe that at any university, school is what you make it. Prairie View A&M is a diverse environment and is filled with individuals from various backgrounds. Prospective students should be open minded to cultural differences.


a person dedicated and passonate about their major.


I suggest that a person that is easily distracted attend this school. It requires quite a bit of self discipline, to decide whether to party or complete the assignment thats due tomorrow.


People with weak minds who cant stand up and defend their own personal beliefs should not attend this school. But then again, this would be a great place to learn how. People who easily conform to try to fit in wont last long.


People who do not have any respect for anyony.


A student who is not willing to work hard for a brighter future should not attend this University. A student who used to being taught in one particular manner and refuses to adjust to different professors methods of teaching. A student who does not take control of their education and believes that the professor will teach them everything that they need to know.