Prairie View A & M University Top Questions

What should every freshman at Prairie View A & M University know before they start?


Time. You have loads of it. Napping, social media, primping in the mirror..."That can wait.". Were I able to have a conversation with my younger self, I would say "That can wait.". The inspiring yet terrifying reality of college is not about money, it is about TIME. When a young mind is ushered into the "real world", it is simply discovering the authentic and unavoidable fact that it has accepted responsibility for the time that it spends. Good decisions do not come from habit. Good decisions come from one accepting to contribute to this world while he still has time. I am grateful that I unearthed this truth at a young, driven age. Were I aware, however, of this before I crammed two years worth of material into one week before taking the SAT or chose to shy away from advanced placement science courses...I can only imagine the possibilities. Therefore, if I were advising a young Nadia Grier I would say " If you won't profusely thank yourself for it in ten years from now, that can wait.".


I would have taken advantage of the college courses they offer in high school and earned more college credits thus saving money.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a Senior, I would honestly tell myself to continue doing what I did to make it as a senior. I would say this because I actually graduated high school a year early meaning I was sixteen and I completes my first year in college at the age of seventeen. I have always been dedicated and determined to do well and that is how I will remain. Dedication, perseverance, and determination has gotten me where I am today and I am very proud of the path that I am taking.


The best advice I could give myself is to never limit my goals. If don't fear my goals I'm not dreaming big enough. Within my transition I would only continue to become more involved in the student body and use the great works of networking this school has to offer. In closing I would say to myself love your Alma Mater and be the productive student this school has called you to be.


Considering that Prairie View A&M University was the ONLY University that would accept me, I couldn't tell myself anything. I'm stuck at this school for 4 years of my life but it's worth it. This school is the best HBCU in the country so who am I to blame? I'd rather have a good job out of college rather than not being able to find a job out of college. Even though this was the only instituion to accept me, I feel like everything happens for a reason. The advice I'd give myself is, go to Prairie View A&M University because it was worth it Avery Carriere.


If I could go back in time and converse to my younger self as a high school student, I would let myself know the difficulty in transiting from high school to college. I would prepare myself on what college life would be like and how to adapt from being away from home and near family. I would tell myself the importance of scheduling and the importance of quality work. I would let myself know that going away to school is a milestone in life, and is a big step into adult hood. I would prepare myself for all the mishaps and discouraging moments that come with being a college student, and prepare myself to learn how to deal with the negatives and turn them into positives.


“Don’t grow up so fast and enjoy your youth.” High school seniors enter the rat race when they aim for schools like Harvard, Stanford, and Yale. These prominent institutions set unrealistic standards to achieve when they select only top students. Of course, I wish I had the writing skills I do today. Experience…wisdom…patience are virtues acquired through time and life experiences, and thus not easily transferred to another being. College is much like the painting Dogs Playing Poker. The interpretation is: life is about what a person is given, or the resources the individual has in order to advance in life. What are the other advices? “School is about jumping through hoops.” Do the assignment or projects assigned whether you agree with the teachers or not. Also, I would read more…books that satisfied questions I had about the then unknown world in which I lived. Finally, I would tell my young self to first attend a vocational school to acquire skills in order to support myself, then go to an ivy league school later. Prepare for the future, or plan ahead. Education is important, but so is money if it is necessary to pay for tuition.


If I could go back in time and become a high school senior again. The things I would tell myself is to make sure you save quite of bet of money because it was a couple of things at school that poped up on me. Another thing I would tell myself is to make sure that I applied for numerous of scholarships because they really come in handing. Especially when you are not financially stable to pay for school out of your pocket. Planning ahead is something that is very essential in college. Because there are numerous of deadlines. Not just academically but also financially you must be ready for everythiing that is thrown at you in college. College is a great experience it is something that helps you better yourself and you grow as a person and also immature. It opens up your mind to new things, new ideas, values and morals. But, you have to stay on a straight narrow path because in college there are plenty of things that might just try to knock you off. Like drugs, parties and sometimes even people. It could also be something as little as procrastination. You have to be SMART.


After I got over the initial shock of seeing my past self (big hair, burgundy-framed glasses, 80's leg-warmers), I would explain, “I have seen the future of medicine and things have changed.” I would describe malpractice suits and profit-based insurance companies, and tell myself that the status of being a doctor is not worth the schooling along the way and the headaches when you arrive. Past Self would be full of youthful enthusiasm, but I would say, “There are other goals that take less time and allow for family and career.” She doesn't realize how challenging it will be to raise two children and make a marriage that will last 20 years. She doesn't know that she will keep putting off Medical School instead of “settling” for a lesser degree. She will always carry the desire to help people, but she will end up without the training to help in a crisis. I would tell her, “You don't have to be a doctor to help people heal. You can have a family and a career. The degree doesn't matter as much as the desire in your heart.”


You can't cram for your exams at college Nadira! When I attended high school I would ace all of my exams I ever took just by pulling an all nighter, and acing an exam to me would mean making a 75{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} and up. As you adjust to the college life, you begin to challenge yourself by setting goals like making all A's and B's for example. There is a "C " in cramming for a reason. You will only be "C" ready for an exam, wouldn't you want to be "A" ready? That's why it is important to have a set schedule of study time so that you can ace all of your exams smoothly and comfortably. You may be the best crammer in the world Nadira but cramming will only take you so far!