Prairie View A & M University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Time. You have loads of it. Napping, social media, primping in the mirror..."That can wait.". Were I able to have a conversation with my younger self, I would say "That can wait.". The inspiring yet terrifying reality of college is not about money, it is about TIME. When a young mind is ushered into the "real world", it is simply discovering the authentic and unavoidable fact that it has accepted responsibility for the time that it spends. Good decisions do not come from habit. Good decisions come from one accepting to contribute to this world while he still has time. I am grateful that I unearthed this truth at a young, driven age. Were I aware, however, of this before I crammed two years worth of material into one week before taking the SAT or chose to shy away from advanced placement science courses...I can only imagine the possibilities. Therefore, if I were advising a young Nadia Grier I would say " If you won't profusely thank yourself for it in ten years from now, that can wait.".


I would have taken advantage of the college courses they offer in high school and earned more college credits thus saving money.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a Senior, I would honestly tell myself to continue doing what I did to make it as a senior. I would say this because I actually graduated high school a year early meaning I was sixteen and I completes my first year in college at the age of seventeen. I have always been dedicated and determined to do well and that is how I will remain. Dedication, perseverance, and determination has gotten me where I am today and I am very proud of the path that I am taking.


The best advice I could give myself is to never limit my goals. If don't fear my goals I'm not dreaming big enough. Within my transition I would only continue to become more involved in the student body and use the great works of networking this school has to offer. In closing I would say to myself love your Alma Mater and be the productive student this school has called you to be.


Considering that Prairie View A&M University was the ONLY University that would accept me, I couldn't tell myself anything. I'm stuck at this school for 4 years of my life but it's worth it. This school is the best HBCU in the country so who am I to blame? I'd rather have a good job out of college rather than not being able to find a job out of college. Even though this was the only instituion to accept me, I feel like everything happens for a reason. The advice I'd give myself is, go to Prairie View A&M University because it was worth it Avery Carriere.


If I could go back in time and converse to my younger self as a high school student, I would let myself know the difficulty in transiting from high school to college. I would prepare myself on what college life would be like and how to adapt from being away from home and near family. I would tell myself the importance of scheduling and the importance of quality work. I would let myself know that going away to school is a milestone in life, and is a big step into adult hood. I would prepare myself for all the mishaps and discouraging moments that come with being a college student, and prepare myself to learn how to deal with the negatives and turn them into positives.


“Don’t grow up so fast and enjoy your youth.” High school seniors enter the rat race when they aim for schools like Harvard, Stanford, and Yale. These prominent institutions set unrealistic standards to achieve when they select only top students. Of course, I wish I had the writing skills I do today. Experience…wisdom…patience are virtues acquired through time and life experiences, and thus not easily transferred to another being. College is much like the painting Dogs Playing Poker. The interpretation is: life is about what a person is given, or the resources the individual has in order to advance in life. What are the other advices? “School is about jumping through hoops.” Do the assignment or projects assigned whether you agree with the teachers or not. Also, I would read more…books that satisfied questions I had about the then unknown world in which I lived. Finally, I would tell my young self to first attend a vocational school to acquire skills in order to support myself, then go to an ivy league school later. Prepare for the future, or plan ahead. Education is important, but so is money if it is necessary to pay for tuition.


If I could go back in time and become a high school senior again. The things I would tell myself is to make sure you save quite of bet of money because it was a couple of things at school that poped up on me. Another thing I would tell myself is to make sure that I applied for numerous of scholarships because they really come in handing. Especially when you are not financially stable to pay for school out of your pocket. Planning ahead is something that is very essential in college. Because there are numerous of deadlines. Not just academically but also financially you must be ready for everythiing that is thrown at you in college. College is a great experience it is something that helps you better yourself and you grow as a person and also immature. It opens up your mind to new things, new ideas, values and morals. But, you have to stay on a straight narrow path because in college there are plenty of things that might just try to knock you off. Like drugs, parties and sometimes even people. It could also be something as little as procrastination. You have to be SMART.


After I got over the initial shock of seeing my past self (big hair, burgundy-framed glasses, 80's leg-warmers), I would explain, “I have seen the future of medicine and things have changed.” I would describe malpractice suits and profit-based insurance companies, and tell myself that the status of being a doctor is not worth the schooling along the way and the headaches when you arrive. Past Self would be full of youthful enthusiasm, but I would say, “There are other goals that take less time and allow for family and career.” She doesn't realize how challenging it will be to raise two children and make a marriage that will last 20 years. She doesn't know that she will keep putting off Medical School instead of “settling” for a lesser degree. She will always carry the desire to help people, but she will end up without the training to help in a crisis. I would tell her, “You don't have to be a doctor to help people heal. You can have a family and a career. The degree doesn't matter as much as the desire in your heart.”


You can't cram for your exams at college Nadira! When I attended high school I would ace all of my exams I ever took just by pulling an all nighter, and acing an exam to me would mean making a 75% and up. As you adjust to the college life, you begin to challenge yourself by setting goals like making all A's and B's for example. There is a "C " in cramming for a reason. You will only be "C" ready for an exam, wouldn't you want to be "A" ready? That's why it is important to have a set schedule of study time so that you can ace all of your exams smoothly and comfortably. You may be the best crammer in the world Nadira but cramming will only take you so far!


The advice I would give myself is to be better prepared in leaving home and being on your own without your parents. I thought like most students that being away from home was going to be great and I could do whatever I like without asking my parents. Now I wish my mom was around to give me advice in my decisions. Now that I am in college I wish I had one more year of high school before going out on my own. Going to college away from home have taught me that I have to decide on my own to study harder and take life more serious. I now think alot about my decision to leave home and go away to college. I don't totally regret it but I wish I had went to a college closer to home. I also would tell anyone going away to school to love your family and show them you love them because when your with people everyday you tend to take things as though it will always be and when your away from them you wish you could have talk to them more, and done more things with them.


The advice I would give is whichever school you choose make sure it has everything you need to do well. Live in the moment to enjoy the experience by getting involved by volunteering, take joy in meeting new people, and have fun. If you are going into a major and start losing interest then take introduction classes for other majors and another one may become a interest. Don't wait too late to change your major because I changed mines freshmen year and was glad I did. Stay on top of your classwork to pass your classes. Your classes should be your main priority. Communicate with your professors early on or academic advisors if you have any problems or concerns. If there is anything you would like to change on campus or bring to the campus get invoved with organizations that will let you voice your opinions or ideas. College is a great experience. It helps you to get in tune with who you are and what you really want to do with your life. Don't just go through the motion of being in college but really take advantage of opportunities that will help you excel in anyway.


The advice I would give myself about the college life back then would be to make sure that I study harder and take more time for homework than I did in the past. I also would have told myself that I need to spend more time with my family and friends, and manage my money better, and that I should have picked a different living situation after I got out of highschool because life would have been a little less complicated and stressful for me if I would have done that. Also I would have told myself not to procrastinate things like homework and other scheduled things that were important so that I could have been more successful now and things would not have ended up the way that they are now if I would have been smarter about managing my time and leisure in life more efficiently.


College is a learning experience- you learn things through trial and error. In life your greatest moments are your weakest at the period of time. Why? Because you learn so much about yourself and how you react to things. Never let a bad grade or report discourage you from moving forward. You can always change the next test or grade by working hard to improve you academics. In your social life, be yourself! Do not change for anyone. You bring so much to the table when you are genuine. People will be drawn to the original you and it will help with all your relationships whether it be with students or faculty. Also, always study! Never go into a class without reading ahead of time or studying. It will bring you one step ahead and help you later when it's time for testing. Review all class notes for at least 20 minutes a day after your class. It will help retain all materials learned from that class. Make sure that you equally enjoy yourself and enjoy your experience. You only have it once in your life.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would be adament in saying that the "Sky is the Limit". Attending Prairie View A&M University has helped me realize that with hard work, proper planning, and occasionally a helping hand, I could do anything I set my mind to. Since attending, i've been involved in numerous organizations, taught by enthusiastic professors, and have met lifelong friends. I've gained valuable work experiance and have had the opportunity to network with many influential people. I would'nt trade it for anything in the world. My advice, Attend, Achieve, and Succeed, for Prairie View A&M University truly produces productive people.


The advice I would give to myself as a senior would be two fold. First you need to keep your head in your studies and not worry so much about work. Secondly, I would want to tell my self to do everything for the Lord and not look into the party life because it only held you back from finishing school earlier. You can do anything you want and make sure to keep the promise to your mother and finish college because she is gone now.


I would advise myself to stay focused on your education because what you learn now is all up to you. Up until you are an adult, you can make your life easy or make it hard depending on the road you take to achieve your goals and dreams. Jobs are getting harder to come by now and if you don't stick to the golden road you will end up in a desert not knowing which way to turn, by then it will be too late to turn back. Don't take life for granted because it passes by so fast. Keep your head in the books and out of the clouds. Before making final decisions think them through to be sure it’s the right choice for you. Don't be afraid to ask questions and talk with an adult about the decisions you are about to make, remember they have been in your shoes before and they can help guide you in the direction best suited for you.


The advice I would give myself is to not over think the things I choose and the decisions I make. Over thinking things doesn't help solve problems, it just creates more through stress. Live one day at a time.


The advice I'd give myself is to see what all the colleges have to offer. Actually go and see what others schools had to offer and then made my decision.


Apply. Apply for everything from scholarships and grants to school and universities, the sooner you can finish these applicaitons the more you can finish, the more you can finish the better chances you will have to get the help you need. Dont slack off in your studies, even the slightest drop can cripple you in the long run when people go back to assess your history. Video games and social time can wait until the summer and the breaks, focus now on what needs to get done so you dont get caught with your pants on the ground when it comes time to go to school and get use to studying a lot or college is going to be a serious wake up call for you. Oh, and stop spending your money on such simple things, you are going to need it when you get that car at the end of the year, stop taking out money when you hit about $1500, that should be good enough for the gas during the course of the year.


The advice I would give myself as a high school senior back then. I would prepare myself to from the begging I would have filled out scholarships a long time ago because the situation that I’m in right now I’m struggling to get money from financial aid and I’ve filled out all loans that the university would allow me to sign up for. I would also tell myself to take my grades a little more serious because I graduated with a 2.7 gpa, but if I would have pushed for that 3.0 gpa I could have had a little more money in my pocket and want have to worry were money is coming from. So that’s just some advice I would tell myself to take my grades a little more serious and push myself to get goals accomplished therefore making me a better student in college.


I would've paid more attention and focused more. Also studied some more. And savd a lot


If given the amazing opportunity to be able to travel through time, and communicate with my high school persona I would tell them the tools to being succesful in college. I would tell them to have fun with whatever you do in life, as long as you have enjoyment in a task you will complete it rather than if you were to dislike it. I would also remind them that midterms are a crucial part of your grade, and you should treat them as if they were your finals. I wouldn't tell my highschool persona how I made the Dean's list of Engineering my freshman year, due to the sole purpose that they won't take anything for granted. I would make it seem as if I struggled, so that they would better themselves not to follow the same fate. I'm scared of failures even though they are a stepping stone to success, so I know my high school persona would do anything not to fail even if I told him it's going to happen anyways. Another word of advice I would give my high school persona is to help everyone that you can in life.


High school is almost over, time to submit college applications and meet deadlines. Family members and school have prepared you for this very moment. Time management, will power, and organizational skills are going to be essential characteristics to hone before leaving off to college. The ability to complete task with little or no reminders from parents or professors are obstacles you will face during your collegiate years. Research the prospective universities that you want to attend, majors offered, and the potential career opportunities available. Keep an open mind regarding unexplored career paths and the flexibility of the major that you have chosen. Look into internships to get an accurate perspective on your chosen career field. College is filled with an abundance of opportunities do not be afraid to ask questions. Most of all enjoy your time in college there is no other experience like it make the most of it.


I would plan ahead, and apply for scholarships as soon as possible. I would have allowed myself more options of schools to attend. I would have followed my heart, instead of switching my major because of uncertainty. I would have made sure that I mentally and spiritually prepared to handle the rigorous schedule of classes. I would have made sure that I prepared academically to the best of my ability for each class. I would have developed a better study habit.


So far from my college experiencel, I have received life long friends. People that I can talk to about anything and people that I think I can count on. I have also gotten a stronger relationsip with the Lord. I have started going to a church down here and I have experienced spiritual growth. Last, but definetly not least, I have learned a lot about myself. I have learned about my like and dislikes and I have learned that nothing is impossible as long as I put my mind to it.


So far, I have grown a lot as a responsible young lady. I have learned how to handle several different hardships as a struggling college student. College is very expensive and it is very different than living at home with mom. I have learned to take matters into my own hands as far as business with my professors, advisors, financial aid, etc. If graduation was tomorrow, I know I would leave Prairie View with much more than a 3.5 GPA, a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology, and a degree in Theatre. I would leave with the confidence to know that the sky is the limit and I can overcome anything the real world has to throw at me. I will be the best professional I can be, and I will continue to seek higher heights.


I have learned to network and try to stay active. The more you do, the less time you hahve to spend on things that doesn't really amount to anything. I've also learned to stay around the kind of people who are trying to go in th same direction as you. I f not, you are most likely to end up exactly how you don't want to be.


My college experience made me a more mature person, I have learned how to adjust to a new culture and a new language. Attending Prairie View A&M University gave me a many opportunities, that I would not have if I stayed in France. As a premed student, I received unvaluable advices from my professors and alumni. I am planning on going to Medical school after I graduate. I believe that my school gave me the foundations to attend medical school and become a good physician.


i gotten a chance to grow up, but me beeing away from my family i've had no choice but to step up and handle my own issues with school.


I learned not to except no for an answer. I value this lesson because now i can never be stopped!


My college experience has taught me dedication to something I beleive in. College has allowed me to grow emotionally, and experience the career field that I wish to enter first hand. The small size of a community college helps me to still feel supported by the professors and other students, but also allows me the experience and professionalizm that I need. In the past year I, at 21 years of age, have come very close to my degree in college, purchased my own home, and been able to depend on my college to train me in a field that I believe is very important to the future of people. Teaching is something that only some people ever get the privlege of doing. One day I hope that I am able to complete my degree and have the ability to make a difference in the lives of young children.


Throughout college I have learned that some people go to school for social purposes and others come to get educated and graduate. I have found the numberof students who come to college to graduate is low, compared to the ones who come for social purposes. My entire experience has not been what I have expected it to be. I wanted all of my teachers to push me to my limits and give me all of the resources to become successful but most did not. Many of my teachers came to school to get a pay check. I have heard them say many times that they do not have to be here, because either way they are still going to get paid, Hearing them say that struck a blow to my chest. However, college has been most valuable to attend because I am a first generation student and I have to bring a diploma to my parents to show them that I did it.


My college experience has taught me to work twice as hard as I use to work to get the better grade and not to be afraid to step out of my comfort zone. These two examples may seem small but to someone who is ok with a Bs and Cs and is only comfotable around only close friends, it is not an over night change. College has begun to prepare me to strive for the best and has helped me to reach out to others instead of retreat to my old friendships. I will continue to evole and better my self be cause of my college for the rest of my life.


Since being in college, I have been able to provide a better life for my young son. With my degree I can honestly say that I have job security which is very important to me with today's failing economy. I have also set the bar pretty high for my other family members. I’ve even inspired my mother to enroll in college to obtain her degree. I believe that this is the biggest reward next to my degrees. Being able to be there for my mom while she pursue her degree is a complete blessing. I at least try to encourage one person a day to enroll in college even if they don’t feel that college is for them.


i have gotten a knowlage on how hard life after high school is so the advicw that i would givee my self is keep deadacated. I would also get all the scholarships that i can so i don't have as many loans i love the school that i am going to . i would say to my self stick with your first choice on schooling because it is the only acritted school in south jersey. i am proud of my decidion because i am makeing may friends and i am taking my time on the test and passing them all. I would also tell my self the school to look into ia anthem instute. anthem instute is in cherry hill and it is local to where i live. the best thing about anthem is that all the classes are hands on. i would also remind myself to have fun while you have a chance because it will be hard to have fun while doing school work and all the good stuff. i am currently attending anthem instute. it is a school that give computer network and security this scholar ship will help me stay out of debut


My college experience has caused me to realize that I am capable of understanding concepts that are used in everday life. I have become more of a social person and am therefore more comfortable with myself. I can now act more like myself in situations and I am no longer the shy girl I was when I was a freshman walking into my first class. I realized that the more confident I act, the more confident I really am. In college, I have been learning real life lessons. Teachers have told me to use my common sense. If I dont have money, don't spend it and don't get myself into debt. They have told me that I need to be concerned about my future now because before I know it, I will be the adult who is paying excessively high taxes. Attending college has not only allowed me to focus on what I enjoy, but also become a more independent person.


I have gotten out of my college experience is patience and the ability to just have fun and take time to enjoy the simple things in life.


I have grown so much during my school experience, I have left the nest and learned to fly on my own. I have taken responsility of my future and I am soaring here at school!! I am getting a life time of lessons that will stay with me forever. Here at school I have learned to be a part of the flock and at times lead the "V" formation. I am truly a a believer that even ordinary backyard birds do extraordinary things, this is one thing that will help me succeed in life. I am one of those birds that have beautifully adapted to their lives, and know exactly what they need toget where they are going. I am very dedicated to my studies here at Prairie View and also to the school itself. I bleed purple and gold.


I recieved so much knowledge just by attending college. I wasn't planning on going after I graduated from high school, but my mother insisted that I give the "college life" a try. So my intentions on going were only to make her happy. As a freshman, I stayed on-campus. I learned how to live with strangers, and how to get myself up to attend class on time (without my mom being my personal human alarm clock). I also learned how to juggle study group sessions with a part-time job as a waitress. In the middle of my sophmore year, I moved off campus which was another huge responsibility. I now had to pay rent, light & gas bills, and keep groceries in the fridge. I can honestly say that my experience of the "college life" on and off campus helped me be the person that I am today. I'm a responsible, reliable, motivational, and an independent woman because of Praire View A&M University. Thanks guys!


I've recieved the feeling that I was finally doing something right with my life. College has given me the experience of learning in a mature enviroment and the expereince to interact with different ages and learn things not only in the classroom. College for me is more than a school, it's my second home.


Going into my second year of college, I have gotten a better understanding of college life. I've learned that anyone can be successful if they put their minds to their goals there's not an obstacle that can get in there way and stop them. Because when you are determined to do good and motive to do your best besides all odds you go for it. I feel that it has been very valuable for me attending Prairie View because I now get a sense of how important my education really is. And also that if my mind isn?t in the right mind set to go into the field that I want to go in then I shouldn?t go into that field because why go into something that you wouldn?t enjoy in the future.


A college experience is not only detrimental to your goals, but also to how you will live your life. I believe that college will prepare you for the future and for what is to become of your future. College has helped me become a successful person within all of my endeavors, as well as in making me strive to keep going further. Being a late starter for college, has been a little discouraging, but rewarding as well. I have experienced some of the most wonderful professors that not only want to help you in class, but are interested in helping you succeed out of college. They help train you for your career choice. College is the most rewarding thing you can do in your life, to make your goals, and dreams come true. For me college is hard, easy, long, short, stressful, rewarding and everything in between. College is going to make me become a successful dentist and allow for me to help the lower class, get affordable, reliable dentistry. I will become a dentist that is not focused on money, but on the patient and the outcome of my patients. College will be my stepping stones.


My college experience here at Prairie View A&M University has given me a broad outlook on things I wouldn't have normally seen. It has helped me to be a critical thinker and a problem solver. I have also been able to build many netwroking connections as well as lifetime friendships. These connections and friendships have helped me to overcome many adversities as well as inner-conflict. Prairie View naturally instills a strong sense of pride for our culture in the present, as well as our heritage we've come from. In the words of our Alma Mater, "we'll love thee now, and through eternity." I am PROUD to be a Prairie View Man.


Listen to my teachers? warnings about college and read, I would advise myself to read every day and all kinds of books and to even read my boring high school textbooks. When I got to college, I found out that my teachers were right when they told me, "When you?re in college the professors expect you to read the textbook from the front cover to the back cover before class!" Finally, I will advise myself to sit in the front of class and to make a connection with my professors, so they can?t mix up my grade with another student.


When get ready to start collage you should study Monday ? Friday and party on weekends and you do not have to do drugs to be cool or drink. If you do that you will not last at all and will not graduated on time and have bad GPA. GPA is very important in collage. You will mist important opportunities, like jobs and scholarships.


Considering what I know now about college and the crucial circumstances there are to pay for tuition, I would have advised myself to apply for more scholarships and grants. I would have also advised myself to work harder and take high school more serious. Affording tuition in today?s economic crisis seems somewhat impossible to people who are not blessed with the virtue of money. So I would have definitely advised not only myself, but also my fellow peers to have a fantastic GPA when graduating from high school then maybe it would be a lot easier for you and myself to attend college. And again I would have advised myself that there is free money out there to pay for college, you just have to search and work hard for it.


If i could go back in time i would tell myself to stay focus and be prepared for college because that when you step in the real world. I would also tell myself to keep my head uo beccause i will always have the knowledge and strength of my father to do my best because he always wanted the best for me . I will tell myself to stay focus because i want to be the first to graduate out my family and i want to be sucessful one day.


If I could go back in time to give myself advice, I would start by saying "Don't limit yourself". In high school, I believed that some things where suppose to happen in certain ways and that there were limits on my education. Granted, GPA and SAT scores can limit you but you would NOT want to go to school based ONLY on athletics. I would tell myself to strive for more and be more than you think you can be. Don't just say "I think I can" but instead say "I know I can". Believe in yourself. Don't just think because others want you to go to school that that's everything because it's not. If you don't take the opprotunity now while it's hot and fresh, you may get lost in the shuffle and get left behind like most students. If you remembver nothing else, remember this: Only YOU can make it happen for YOU. No one else will fill out paper work, mom & dad won't always be there, and you can't recieve or benefit from anything without working HARD for it. Appreciation comes from hardwork and dedication.


Be prepared to work hard, network, use every opportunites and don't be afraid to ask for help. Finish all school paperwork at least 6 months in advance. Be on time always.