Prairie View A & M University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known how relatively small the population is before I attended.


If it would be possible to obtain a minority scholorship.


Being a college student, I wish I would have known about the fast pace and independent life style. Transitioning from a high school student to a college student is very difficult and fast pace. I wish I would have known more about the importance of preparation and prioritizing.


That it was kind of country because it didn't have many plcaes around it. However, I grew to love it and it kept me really focused academically.


I wish someone could have told me how EXPENSIVE books are and How THEA test is important.


I wish I had known it would be so hard to get the rest of my tuition paid without getting a late fee.


I wish I would have known that it was so boring during the weekends.


I wish that I had known how to correctly fill out all forms for financial aide also about more opportunitis for funding. I also wish I had known how the school determines who gets what and also that their Biology Field requires more classes than other colleges.


I wish I had known more about financial aid, campus employment, and the registration process.


How it is important to keep up your grades.


Before coming to prairie view I wish I would have known the importance of being focused on school instead of parties, working harder and pushing myself when it got tough, and knowing how to work the financial aid system.


That you msut register very early in order to obtain the classes that pretain to you degree plan.


I wish I would have known the type of climate in which my school was located before I got down there because the climate was different than what I was used to back at home, but other than that I did my research on my school before I made my decision to attend Prairie View A&M University.


I wish I knew how much some of my books cost.


What I wish I knew before attending this school is how to better manage my time between classes and activities that I am involved with.