Prairie View A & M University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school would have to be the family like evironment. The student body works closely with one another to make sure we are provided with great necessities that accommodates everyone. Here at Prairie View A&M University we are ONE instead of numbers, we all matter within our community.


The best thing about my school is its safety. There were only 15 robberies and 0 assaults over the year of 2010 to 2011 at Prairie View University. Having a sense of security and safetly enables students here at Praire View University to focus on their academics rather than their safety.


The best thing about PVAMU is the spirit of unity and school pride. Everyone wants to see their fellow classmate excel and I believe that is why majority of our students excelled in the fields they pursued. PVAMU has an intense history that is the heartbeat of the school and the students, faculty and staff movtivate each other to keep it alive.


It is a balck historical school and where it is located. You are not allowed to walk on the grass because of the history behind.


At Prairie View, the class sizes are smaller than the more larger scale universities, which offers me a little more access to the professor if i have trouble with a certain subject. In the classes i take here, rather than being one in three hundred at a lecture class, its more like a one in thirty. It helps the professor remember who you are specificly and therefore be more tuned in to what you as an individual might need help with.


The best thing about my school is the various resources available such as financial aid, career services, and the faculty, themselves.


The best thing is the food in the caf, its so many choices to choose from.And some of them brings back memories from your mom's home cooking. And its set up like its a buffet so there are many options to choose from.


The best thing about Prairie View A&M University is the rich culture and history.


I would say the best thing about our school is our community at the school. It's very diverse, and we have a lot of social events at the school so everyone gets to know one another.


I like the fact that some of the facualty actually care more about there students than there pay checks and it shows in there dedication to helping us out through preparation for class, organizing personal time for tutoring, and distributing extra credit to beyond more than increase our grades.


I consider my school the best because the professors here really care about and take time to make sure their succeed. I love the environment and the fact that Prairie View is built on a slave plantation.


I feel that my school has a very family type feeling to it. You can come to PV and make fast and longterm friends. There is always something to do on the Hill. We have a lot of school spirit. Football and basketball season are the best of the school year.


My favorite aspect of my school is the School of Architecture. This is because the buliding provides everything needed for the students under that department. It is accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week making it easier for students to complete projects with the right equipment.


when you have a problem with a class, fellow classmates help you out because there can be something that you can help them with as well


Diversity, and well educated teachers who love their job.


For me it was a bit of a culture shock something I beleive my mom hoped it would be for me. But when I actually gave the school a chance I felt it was somewhere that was easy to grow accustomed to.


The best thing about my school is how there is always something positive or fun to do. At most colleges there arent that many campus events and the students turn to partying and drinking, but at Prairie View there are alot of on campus events where alcohol isn't permitted. It also brings the student body together.


The people here are the most friendliest and kindest people you would ever want to meet. They make you feel like you have been of apart of their family for years. Not only are they kind to people they already know but the newcomers as well.


I like the fact there are a lot of African Americans that attend this college. I feel as though I fit right in. I feel like the University caters to our needs and are truly preparing us for the real world


The best thing about my school is the fact that as a freshman the school organizes so many different activities for you to participate in. The faculty and staff make it very hard for you to ever feel alone or out of place. On the very first day you get there you feel like your a part of a family. The warm enviornment they provide makes it very easy for out of state students to forget the fact that they ae so far away from home.