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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


If you have time for social life or school activities, there is a great amount of things for you to get involved in. Its also easy for students to create their own events and clubs. Trips are always offered and discounted tickets and events are heavily advertised. There is always something happening on campus, because Lord knows none of us have the time to even leave. Residence halls take great care to schedule interesting programs at appropriate times (8am, late at night, etc).


See above.


Antisocial art types? Thats our stereotypes. I think we have a basketball team, track and field, and maybe volleyball. I know the gym has a ping pong table though! I did the architecture clubs (AIAS and KUBUS). I also did Bellydancing club. The doors are always closed. I've never been to an atheletic event at Pratt, but I've been to a couple at my brothers college (go figure, right?) We usually have a few architects come in and speak during the semester. Thats fun. Its always the same crowd that goes, but sometimes theres free food afterwards. Dating scene sucks. Don't dump your highschool boyfriend/girlfriend when you come here, its not worth it. You will have to lower your standards. 2 am on a Tuesday, I would be in studio working. Fraternities and sororities are laughed at by everyone except for the small handfull of people in them. They think its the best thing ever. I'll go with a typical weekend that I was in school (Its summer and I'm an alum.) I would probably not have class on friday, so i would go to work. Then come back relax and maybe take a nap. Then go do work or drink. Then go to bed. Then wake up and do work. Probably go to a local dive and drink. Then more work. Theres so many random things to do in the city that dont involve drinking. But since turning 21, thats all we do here. We go to museums. the park, bars, what the normal person does in NYC.


I think a lot of people come to Pratt either to actually "get away" from school spirit/clubs/etc., or they're under the impression that they will. Pratt has a bunch of clubs that people are in and there are often events on campus which I must admit, I don't really go to, but I know they happen! I have been working in the Student Affairs office since my Freshman year, not really into the whole school spirit thing, but after a year and a half of convincing from the people in Student Activities and Student Affairs, I took the Connections class--required for being on Orientation Staff, then applied, and got onto O-Staff. Three years ago I would definitely not see myself doing this, but I think it will be a great experience! As far as not on campus-related things, people definitely party... a lot. The parties almost always happen off-campus so if you don't want to go to them, you don't have to. There are fraternities/sororities but to tell you the truth, the only people that care about them are the people in them. Sometimes they try to get you to donate money for something during lunch but other than that, no one really cares. People are also up all the time at all hours doing homework so especially during midterms/finals you can probably see a number of people walking through campus. Not during finals, people are still always up.


Many clubs/organizations on campus People around campus at all hours of day and night Brooklyn is everywhere


There are lots of clubs to join, including: Manga Club, Static Fish (the Pratt comic book); Prat Flimz; Book Club; Student Council; Hall Council; Greek Life; etc. There are also guest speakers who come in. Not too long ago Chip Kidd came here--my roommate was very happy about that. I don't tend to party, but I know a lot of people who do. I also go to sleep at night when you're supposed to, but I know a lot of people who stay up allllll night. Manhattan is a great place to go if you're bored. There are lots of places to shop, museums, and always a show on Broadway. Yes, Pratt also has sports clubs--basketball, soccer, track--and we have a gym. No swimming pool though.


There are a lot of clubs to choose from, it's good. the only problem is that academics take up most free time, so joining a lot of groups becomes problematic.


There are many different organizations and extra curricular activities. Theres fraternities and sororities, basketball, tennis, organized outings (skiing, theme parks). Lots of stuff to join if you want. There is always some sort of guest speaker here talking about whatever it is they do. Movie nights in the student union. dances. funraisers. carnivals. flea markets run by the students. Lots of parties and going to bars/clubs in the city or in brooklyn. It's really easy to meet people and most everyone is generally open to new friends and out to have a good time on the weekends (or weekdays) but the students here are also serious about their work too and to spend late nights in the studio or computer labs. It's also fun to just go into the city and paruze around west 4th or union square on friday and saturday. You can always find something to do if you're bored.


I try to get off the Pratt campus as much as I can. There are so many awesome things going on in NYC that it's a shame to not take advantage of them. I like to go to a lot of underground shows/concerts that are cheap and have really great bands in brooklyn. They're easy to find and totally work the subway ride, and they're all ages so you don't have to be 21 to go. Pratt also holds some concerts but not nearly enough. Also, Pratts near a park which is awesome because you can go there saturday morning for the farmers market and then hang out in the grass all afternoon.


Hi, what social life? Pratt offers activities. Sometimes. Many of them are super lame. Battle of the Bands are cool, but they're not too frequent. I think they show a movie every week and have a comedian. There may be some obscure club activity, but I'm not sure what's to offer...I never see or hear of anything. We have a literary magazine and a comic book publication. We have athletics. Don't know much about it, but the gym is great!


no sports at pratt. ok, only a few. but nobody cares. we live 30 min. from the city. there is always something to do. whether apt. parties, warehouse parties, museums, galleries, shopping, restaraunts it's all there or here in brooklyn.


I met most of my friends freshman year in my dorm.


There are a lot of clubs on campus, the most popular being the art collective that seek out off campus gallery shows as well as the build-your-own-bike collective and the juggling club. Ubiquitous, the literary magazine is a fairly popular journal. It is essentially a collaboration between a few editors and a few graphic designers, putting their brains together to make a professional magazine. The Prattler and Static Fish (the campus comic book) also try to do this as well. There is always something to do on campus (usually your homework), and because you are in New York City, there is also a lot to do off campus. I discovered most of the off campus events after graduating as school work and projects consumed most of my time as a student, mostly because they held my interest for long periods of time.


Pratt doesn't have much of a social life simply because the students are crazy busy with work, and because the school is in New York City, obviously one of the best cities in the US. So there's a lot to do off campus. My closest friends are in my major, or at my job in the metal shop. Frats and sororities are not important at Pratt. There aren't enough conformists to warrant either organization.


I am involved with the national sorority Theta Phi Alpha that has been on the campus for six years. It is not your typical group of women people Pratt students tend to be very individual and focused on their work. It is not like at bigger private colleges where sorority girls tend to drink a lot and get mediocre grades. It also gives you the opportunity to meet people from other majors. Pratt students tend to flock to people of the same major and you end up having a relationship built on bitching about work and school.


Most popular groups? None really. Groups I was involved with: none on a permanent basis. Do students leave dorm rooms open? When they are home. Many lock them regardless. Popularity of athletics? Hahahahahahahahahaha. . . . ah, for the people involved? Very. For everyone else? Not very. Guest speakers? Depends on the speaker. Theater? None whatsoever. Dating scene? I dated a fellow pratt student once. The rest were outside the school. It is New York City. Only dating within the school is thinking too small. How did I meet my closest friends? Mostly within the first several weeks of freshman year. All the rest I met through them or in my major. 2am on a tuesday? Artwork homework or hanging out with friends. Traditions/events? Many, but I'm far too lazy to mention them all. Most are art related. Also: the horn blasting on New Years. Party often? Many do, some don't. Fraternities/sororities? Not very important. Not important in the slightest really. But they are prominent. What did I do last week? Go to work at my current job found through connections to Pratt. What can you do on a Saturday? Do into the fucking city. Once again it is New York City. There are a million and a half things to do. Do off campus? A lot. It is NYC, yet again.


Well, we have those two frats, but only one of them has a house (the other sometimes rents space at a local bar), and only Freshman really go to the Frat parties. Sophomore year people tend towards parties at the Taffe lofts, a few blocks away from campus, and by Junior or Senior year, most of the parties move towards Williamsburg. There really aren’t any options for non-drinkers, except to go to parties and watch. I think there was a Healthy Choices floor in my Freshman dorm, but almost everyone there drank, and I think five of the people on the floor smoked. Drugs are pretty well encouraged by the students. My Freshman roommate sold ‘shrooms and our suitemate got expelled for selling cocaine or something crazy like that. Adderall is popular here, among other things. It’s not unlike a Bret Easton Ellis book.