Pratt Institute-Main Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?

Mary Clare

How amazing the program is. Pratt is just INCREDIBLE, the campus, the people, but definitely the program/professors.


I feel very lucky to have been accepted into a well known art school in New York City. I was one of 200 students that was accepted for the Spring 2010 term, so I feel very honored. Also, I am connected to everything. Only a subway ride away from Manhattan and so many amazing galleries. Culture and artwork is all around me. Also, being at Pratt means having accomplished teachers who have pieces of their work in galleries as well. It makes me feel really good about where I am going in life and ahving this chance.


Creative nature of the school. The community and everything that it offers.


That It's in the lovely New York, how well-known my teachers are, what kind of interensting places i've got to visit.


I tell my friends mostly about my workload, then about the style of teaching. Pratt design programs put a strong emphasis on abstract thought. Thinking "out side the box" both creatively and systematically.


well established


that is is in new york city and that i have access to great museums, attractions and food whenever i want.


how tough it is, how much work is to be done. Some projects (art/design school) are really interesting.


We are doing what we love to do


I'm going to school for something I really love.


When I talk about Pratt with my friends back home, I always mention how I always wanted a college campus life, and yet be learning in the city. Here at Pratt Institute, I have both. There are trees and grass with campus buildings surrounded by fences. This gives the school a campus feel and yet Manhattan is only 20 minutes away by subway. The distance between the dorms and the classes has made student life so convenient. I no longer need to wake up an hour before classes start in the morning to actually get to class on time.


I attend on of the oldest and most well known art schools in the country. My school's primary focus in its curriculum is to help its student body discover how to be creative in their own way and push the boundries of their own capabilities both artistically and competively so that the work that the student body produces serves them well and allows them to make a living at what they love to do.


Great artisit also attended this school. And it is located in NYC!


Pratt Institute is one of the top 5 art schools in the country and is only 25 minutes away from one of the best cities in the world!