Pratt Institute-Main Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I consider the worst thing about my school to be how difficult it is to contact office oficials


The administration at Pratt was going through organizational changes while I attended from 2002-2006. At times, simlply administrative proceedures felt outdated.


The school's financial aid is mainly dependant on your status as a dependant student. They make it very difficult to recognize you as an independant student. Therefore your financial aid is based on your parents income, even though the student may not have even a remote connection to their parents finances.


The cost. Recognized art schools are primarily private institutions with high price tags and competitive financial aid support. Even though I exhibit high financial need and scholastic merit, and have requested additional help multiple times, the school has neglected to acknowledge my detrimental need for extra funds. I have to work a full time job in addition to my loans just to pay tuition and supplies (let alone living expenses) and still end up struggling. Without financial aid I am worried I wont be able to complete my four years of college.


Extremely difficult to transfer.


The Administrative Offices. There is no communication going on and you are always rushing from one office to the other.


Pratt is very expensive. In addition the costs of living, tuition, and books, you have to budget the cost of drawing/ drafting supplies, model materials, printing, and computer programs.


Many members of the faculty seem disinterested in assisting students. Quack teachers. Disagreeable, snobbish students. Lots of drugs and alcohol.


The runaround when you need to do something administratively.


some departments are narrow-minded compared to the world industry


The division between departements.


Administration is the worst at Pratt Institute. If you have a learning disability, need to figure out your schedule, or have financial aid that you need figured out plan on spending the whole day walking from one building to another. Also, the way that classes are setup it is near to impossible to complete your credit requirements within four years without taking summer courses or taking an overload of classes. An overload of classes is incredibly stressful due to the fact that every class has an incredibly heavy workload.


Classes because they are studio classes, are only offered once a week.