Pratt Institute-Main Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


It's small and well maintained. There's a lot of interesting art work set up around campus, which is always really nice to examine when you have some time off.


Pratt is one of the most prestigious art schools in the nation, and there are incredible job opportunities for our graduates in the city.


The education is considered to be of the highest quality, which means that you are guaranteed a job after graduation, even though you will be in debt from loans you will be able to pay it off.


It's full of artistic and open-minded students and teachers. It's small so you have a say in your education plus you're a few subway stops away from the cultural and artistic capital of the world. It's not a traditional school by any means and it's full of history.


There are people here who are willing to work with you to find your own voice. The teachers you connect with are amazing. The school's reputation is really fantastic.


The character, the buildings are old and have hundreds of layers of paint on them, but they have seen a lot. Also there is a giant engine in the center of campus, as well as many sculptures scatered about campus. There are a lot of things around campus to inspire you and help your work.


Location Location Location, NYC but even better Brooklyn. One of the most amazing places in the world. So diverse, so hip, so much to do and see and learn. It is amazing to be in a place that is going through such a change. Pratt students get a much bigger picture of what nyc is really all about. manhattan school's students tend to stay in lower manhattan.