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What's the most frustrating thing about your school?

The most frustrating aspects of my school are dorm life, food, and healthcare. Freshman dorms desparately need renovations and housing has become highly limited. Off-campus housing is not an option, and although senior housing is decent, students are limited to not-so-great dormitories. The food isn't terrific, either; the dining hall rarely has desirable food and the campus center has high prices and inconvenient hours. Because PC is in a small town, off-campus dining is limited and unhealthy (mainly fast food). Healthcare is not great either; the local hospital is not helpful or sanitary.

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Its too small, not enough people come to the football games, and the area around PC does not provide anyting to do socially. PC is also a very rigourous school academically and it does not provide enough majors. I also don't like the inflexibility of the dinning hall hours that they are open.

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The meal plan is too expensive for the quality (you might as well eat at one of the local restaurants for every meal and not optional for students living on campus. The meal plan is also very inconvenient for students with special food needs; it should be optional.

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