Presbyterian College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The lack of activities. They have many activities regarding fraternities and sports, but not many activites outside of this range.


Sometimes it seems like the small community is the worst (especially when people get to talking), but I think the worst overall is the lack of things to do both on campus and off (especially on the weekends). The closest movie theater and shopping mall are about 45 minutes away. Sometimes the weekends get boring if you don't want to spend money and are stuck at school. It's the worst if you don't like to drink and party every weekend, but it's easy to find a group of friends and to make your own fun.


The worst thing about the current school I attend would be the lack of diversity. It makes campus life and its chanllenges far more difficult than would have been if there were a larger population here to realate to. At the moment the school cacausion population is extremely dominant as to its other races and background. I dont think the atmospher allows for a realistic view on society and the world a student is to come into. I also dont like that the school is in a small town, but thats considering I came from a larger city environment.


The worst thing(s) about my school is its location and lack of diversity.


The only really bad thing about PC is that is just not for everyone. If you want a big school or big city atmosphere then you will not be happy here.


I would say that the worst thing is that it is located in such a small town.


The fact that there is absolutely nothing to do off campus. Nothing!!!