Presbyterian College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


PC is a tough school. If you are the kind of student who is content with doing little to no work and just sliding by, don't come to PC. The professors are always happy to help you do better, but only if you care enough to want to do better. If you do little to no work here, you will fail. Lazy students and students who do not really care about their education should not come to PC.


The type of that should Consider Presbyterian colleg is on that expects to go to college and be challenged in many ways. The curriculum of Presbyterian continue to prove itself more and more challenging, also the expectation of responsibility that rest soly on the students shoulders. So if u are to consider this college u also would have to have a great sense of time management. But if u wnat to fully enjoy the PC experience i recomend this college to students who ejoy small towns and poppulation especiallly since its puppulation is about 1800 students.


Someone who isnt willing to be challenged. People who dont like to be around a majority of caucasian individuals. Someone who doesnt like to be social.