Presbyterian College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


My favorite thing about Presbyterian College is the professors. The professors here strive to get to know you and really have your best interest in mind. They take the time to learn your name, what learning techniques work best for each student, and try to incoorporate all those techniques into lecture. If you aren't doing well in a class the professor will pull you aside or e-mail you and ask how they can help you do better. It's a really nice feeling knowing your professors care so much about your success.


The best part of PC is the community. When you come to PC you really do become part of the PC family that includes alumni, faculty and professors and current students. This community allows you to grow socially, academically, emotionally, and spiritually as you become more and more yourself and make friends that will be with you for life.


The closeness between students and students and faculty and students. The social life is also great. Being greek at Presbyterian is an amazing experience.


While the faculty may not be world-renowned by any means, nearly every professor I have had has both been extrememly competent in their field of expertise and was also an adept instructor. They not only have enlightened me on countless issues, but have helped motivate me to desire to learn even more.