Presentation College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Courtney, you need to figure out what you want to do. You need to look into career options and decide what you want to do right now. Don’t wait until you are in college to decide the career that you want to pursue. College is VERY expensive, so don’t waste your time contemplating your future while you are in college. If you spend a couple years undecided, you will take classes that are not pertinent to your degree. Therefore, you are wasting money on each credit you take outside of your major. Decide you’re major, get in the required classes, and do your best! I know you will do great!


I would tell myself to take a deep breath and that I would be just fine. I had a very hard time in high school and so I pulled away from alot of people. I thought it would be hard for me to build my personal skills back up and meet new people in college. This wasn't so at Presentation. Everyone was so friendly and wanted to get to know everyone. I didn't have a problem building my communication skills back up. I would tell myself that I need to listen more in the classes I hated back then. Those classes do come back to bite you when you aren't looking. I would tell myself to work harder in those classes and try to master them.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior there are many things I would say. For one I would tell myself not to sweat the small things such as if a boy likes you or you get a D on an exam or your friends do not invite you to a party because those things are not important in the end. I should be prepared for late nights, early mornings, and loads of stress. Most importantly, I would say to not lose sight of who you are and what you want. It is sometimes easy to fall into the pressures of college and forget why you are even there in the first place. Do not be afraid to be yourself and stand up for what you believe in. Be sure to surround yourself with people who accept the person you are and are there to support you through your college experiences. Then, take your experiences, learn, and grow from them for the future. Ultimately, just enjoy the time you have in college because it goes faster than you possibly imagine.


Life is never quite what you want it to be. The profession you choose in high school doesn?t have to be the profession you come out of college with. It is important however to realize that to be successful in this world you can?t take college lightly, it is work to get where you want to be in a career. If you find that you are struggling a bit with a class don?t be afraid to ask for help from a tutor, they are there to help and it is better to ask for help early over not understanding and failing the class. You do pay for each class in college, and in the nursing field you are only allowed to fail one class before being removed from that major. College is a fun area of life but it is suppose to be a time of preparing for your future career not for seeing how much trouble one can get away with without one?s parents.


In high school, teachers talk to students about the importance of college, however, not enough teachers stress the benefits that community and technical schools can offer. Education is not about where you go, it is about going where you feel happy. You can get an education anywhere you go with the amounts of community colleges and online courses offered, the options are limitless. The key is getting your education where you are going to be happy.