Prince George’s Community College Top Questions

Describe how Prince George’s Community College looks to someone who's never seen it.


Prince Georges Community College is successfully in helping students achive their degree by being affordable.


I certainly woud have a lot to say about this school, but since it is supposed to be written in one sentence, I would say that my school is remarkable.


Low cost, high quality.


Prince George's Community College is a higher learning institution established for those who are willing to ascend to the next level of education and improve their chances of upward mobility in the work force and to, over all, contribute to the elevation of all aspects of the human race.


It is a good school for the most part. It is talked about in bad ways such as calling it the 13th grade and things of that sort. But if you want to learn then there are some good professors there.


PGCC is convenient and affordable.


PGCC is a great school! it helped me save. i took many of my undergraduate classes at PGCC and this is my last semester here. i will be attending Columbia Union College in spring 2010 and it is very expensive. without PGCC, i would not be able to go to school because i would not have been able to take loans for 4 years. thanks to PGCC again i will be graduating as a general study student with only 2 years left to get my BSN. i would advise anyone to start at pgcc if you have finacial problems.