Prince George’s Community College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Awesome Potential Crazy Helpful Fashion forward Old and young Wise Helpful Considerate Incredibly unaware of the potential that is within them


The students are very diverse as there is myriad of ethnicites and maturity levels


they are very focused.


Classmates are positive thinking, interacting students that focus on their educational goals; classmates are helpful resources, they are nice and considered students.


Some of my classmates are in the Honors Academy so it is rewarding to be able to network with them as we have the same purpose and goal to reach our full potential and graduate at the top of our class.


Well some are immature but for the most part they are all coopertive.


Attending a community college has allowed the possibility to communicate with older adults; the traditional university setting is somewhat boxed in.; what I mean by that is, the students who attend the traditional universities are around the ages of seventeen to about twenty two or so; some of the students I met are in their mid to late twenties; even some were in their thirties or forties and that did not bother me one bit; seeing as they were older than me, they shared a lot of interesting stories with me; from these experiences, my classmates are amazing!


My classmates are live, funny, entertaining, and oh so helpful.


My classmates are a mix of different cultures, ideals, and beliefs, blended into one background, which gives us continuity and a common ground; the brick setting of PG Community College is a place where we all share the hope and dreams of continuing and furthering our education. My classmates are a source of inspiration and information, always providing steam to keep moving forward in my studying and a lending hand. I would like to count myself among these formidable individuals.


I was lucky to be in a class full of smart, hard working and open minded people.