Prince George’s Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Prince George’s Community College?


Anyone who does not like a friendly environment, awesome professors that make sure everyone gets along and are willing to keep explaining till one understands it better, free workshops and leadership training, fun activities almost every week. Also, anyone who does not like paying less for an excellent quality of education. If you do not like all these things then, Prince George's Community College is not the best place for you.


Someone who won't take this school seriously.


If you're not serious about school, don't come here. This isn't like a high school. Don't get confused.


If you are lazy, and would like to pretend that going to PGCC is like being in high school, then you will not do well at this school. You will flunk because the professors expect you to try hard and do your best.


I don't think anyone "shouldn't" attend this school. There is nothing wrong with it at all and I know a couple high school friends of mine that were extremely smart but just didn't have the funds to go to a real university so took a scholarship to just go to Prince George's Community College and not pay a dime. There's absolutely nothing really groundbreaking at PGCC for any type of person to NOT attend this school.


i would advise anyone who can afford to go to a four college to come to PGCC because it takes longer when come to this school to acheive what you want. it takes longer because my experience here is that, they do not plan the semesters for you like a four year instution does. you go with your own pace and for me i don't think that is a good idea for individuals who do not have that much responsibilities yet.